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Capture™ Evolution Over the Years
By: Eddyfi Technologies
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
Launched in 2015 with the first version of the Gekko®, Capture™ has grown over the years to become a premier acquisition and analysis software for all ultrasonic techniques: conventional Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Phased Array UT (PAUT), Time-of-Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Total Focusing Method (TFM), and Adaptive TFM procedures (ATFM). With an intuitive calibration wizard, Capture software enables phased array inspectors to improve their knowledge without the need for extensive training; moreover, we offer online courses on the Eddyfi Academy, like this free course on how to master Capture, that you can complete at your leisure. In this article we will take a look at the evolution of software designed to always keep you ahead of the curve and Beyond Current.

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