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Portable Pipe Crawler Got New Upgrades For Bigger Pipes
By: Terry Peristerakis
Source: by MEDIT
The TROGLOTREK portable pipe crawler, which has proved itself to be a highly reliable, handy, and compact tool for pipeline inspection, got a new wheel extension kit. In addition to the 4 and 6 wheelsets that the crawler was equipped with, a new pneumatic wheel extension option has been added, which makes the device suitable to navigate pipes of up to 28 in diameter.

The new wheel option also comes in two sizes to provide more choice for the user depending on the project and the diameter of the pipes in question. The wheels are not the only aspect of the crawler that has changed. The upgraded version of the pipe crawler in configuration for bigger diameter pipelines is furnished with a larger battery and an additional LED light source.

Unlike many similar models, the TROGLOTREK system is compact and does not require a dedicated truck to carry the crawler around. Given its size and weight, any pickup truck or SUV can be used to transport the crawler to the inspection site by one person. It is worth mentioning that the crawler is fully independent in terms of power supply. It is powered by a rechargeable battery with no power cables. The robot boasts a 300 m (984 ft.) long Kevlar-coated cable enhanced with a Vectran strength line, a 360-degree pan and tilt camera with a high sensitivity CMOS chip, and super bright LEDs. The crawler itself is made of 300 series stainless steel and brass. The imaging hub of the crawler has a 5.6 LCD, an integrated keyboard, and a spectrum of built-in sensors such as a foot counter, an inclinometer, and internal pressure sensors. The whole system is waterproof (IP68 for the camera head, crawler, and cable and IP67 for the imaging hub).
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