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Non-Destructive Testing and Investigating Polymer Nanocomposites
Source: AZoNano
Well-established worldwide regulations have been used to certify the mechanical characteristics of new-age products like polymer nanocomposites in the industries. To establish a relationship between production process variables and material qualities many tests are are performed, such as stress, compression, bending, contact, and dynamic tests.

So far, destructive testing procedures have proved capable of assessing any material's substantial characteristics. However, several restrictions, such as size effect, comparatively smaller coatings, and small-scale impact of impurities, must be examined for many engineering domains, such as electromagnetic, optics, and mechanics, to anticipate the stability of polymer nanocomposites.

Owing to the difficulty of evaluating characteristics on a small scale utilizing these techniques due to size constraints, a more efficient, quicker, and nondestructive approach is used.

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