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Ionix Advance Technologies Expands its Range of UT Probes
Ionix offers an expanded range of high temperature ultrasonic probes for on-stream inspection of hot assets including high temperature TOFD and dual UT probes for surveys.

Built on the award winning HotSense ultrasonic platform and powered by the proprietary Ionix HPZ piezoceramic, the probe offering includes:

- High temperature TOFD probes with integrated wedges for weld inspection
- Conventional dual UT probes for spot inspections
- Large tip dual probes for scanning corrosion surveys
- Low frequency dual probes for thick or cast parts

With a wide measurement temperature range of -55 C to +550 C [-67F to +1,022 F] for all in-service assets. No cooling is required up to 350 C / 662 F so you can increase the quality and reliability of your measurements. Ionix transducers are compatible with industry standard ultrasonic inspection hardware and can also provide a stable and secure signal for maximum reliability and repeatability.

Key Benefits include:
Make on-stream inspections of hot assets for pre-shutdown planning or to respond to changing operating conditions
Make measurements up to 350 C / 662 F without any duty cycling or cooling and no risk of burning out probes
Benefit from tough and robust probes with excellent sensitivity and increased longevity compared to other market leaders
Use with your standard gauges and detectors

More information is available at the links below:

HotSense TOFD: https://ionixadvancedtechnologies.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/HotSense-TOFD-Product-Datasheet-Oct-21-compressed.pdf

HotSense UT dual probes: https://ionixadvancedtechnologies.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Ionix-HotSense-UT-Product-Datasheet-Mar-22-compressed.pdf

Contact Ionix today to discuss your applications and find the perfect probe for the job: contact@ionix.at

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