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The Fast and Reliable Alternative for Orbital Weld Inspection: Eddy Current Array
By: Eddyfi Technologies
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
Orbital welding is a widespread process used in the aerospace industry to produce high quality joints in fuel lines, brake lines, hydraulic lines, among other applications. The integrity of these welds is critical; a small defect could cause a leak and pose a major safety issue. To ensure the reliability of rockets and aircraft, non-destructive inspection is used to ensure the quality of the joint and prevent weld failure.

Currently, penetrant testing and radiography are the most widespread methods used to conduct this non-destructive inspection. However, it can require up to one hour for a single weld. With hundreds of orbital welds in an aircraft, this inspection can become intensive in both time and resources. Radiography can also be difficult to deploy due to the safety zone requirements and the limited space around the tubes.

This demonstrated the need to develop an alternative non-destructive testing method that would meet the detection performance required for orbital welds while drastically reducing the inspection time. To tackle the multiple challenges involved, the team at Eddyfi Technologies is proud to present a new and more economically viable solution based on eddy current array.

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