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ANYbotics, Cognite & Accenture Enable Real End-to-End Robotic Inspection Solutions
Collaboration between information technology leader Accenture, robot solutions provider ANYbotics and, data and digital twin platform provider Cognite, has propelled robotics into a new era. This is the era of mobile, autonomous and intelligent robots. Robots that enable a new level of hyper-automation. Autonomous robot systems are performing an increasing range of tasks across industries and making independent decisions with a high degree of autonomy. Inspection walks in complex plants in the Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Basic Materials industries, for example, are becoming the domain of robots. Mobile, autonomous, intelligent, legged robots such as ANYmal.

ANYmal is engineered for optimum use in complex industrial areas. With the help of its sensors, ANYmal manoeuvres on four legs on uneven ground, climbing stairs, avoiding obstacles and accessing inspection points from several directions. Even adverse weather conditions donít disrupt ANYmal, because its body is 100% waterproof and dustproof. ANYmal collects data and information through various perception technologies. The fact that ANYmal remembers positions exactly enables long-term observations of critical points with an accuracy that humans could hardly achieve. For example, by photographing a point at the same distance and angle every day for weeks. ANYmal can accept numbers, document visual anomalies in images, measure and record discrepancies in temperature, distance, and noises.

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