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Checkapp from Konecrane Digitizes Crane Inspection
Cranes help to transport heavy workpieces safely. However, their operation itself also requires the highest level of safety to prevent accidents, extend equipment life and optimise process quality. Konecranes now simplifies daily crane inspection with its user-friendly and powerful Checkapp.

The new Checkapp from Konecranes is the smart helper in everyday life it allows daily crane checks to be carried out and documented easily, quickly and safely.
The new Checkapp from Konecranes is the smart helper in everyday life it allows daily crane checks to be carried out and documented easily, quickly and safely.

Cranes are essential helpers in production without them, transporting many large or heavy goods would be virtually impossible. In many countries, a thorough inspection of the crane system is required by law before it is started up every day. This start-up check is necessary for safe, efficient and long-lasting operation of the hoists, even if it means organisational and time effort. To make the daily crane check as simple and transparent as possible, Konecranes has now developed a digital solution: the Checkapp. Available for all the latest Android and iOS devices, the software allows users to record their daily test steps quickly and intuitively.

"Many of our customers still perform their crane testing with pen and paper," says Sebastian Kijas, Marketing and Communications Specialist at Konecranes. "The results then either have to be archived analogue in folders or entered into a computer system." Both solutions involve additional steps and more effort to keep the checks traceable and transparent. In addition, errors can creep in when the results are transferred manually. Sebastian Kijas: "Our new check app provides clarity here and saves a lot of time and organisational effort." Users can download the app directly from the Apple App Store or Google Play onto a smartphone or tablet and document important checks such as the start-up check directly on site. The data can then be retrieved at any time via the yourKonecranes customer portal for viewing, internal auditing and compliance. In doing so, the checkapp follows the guidelines of the ISO 9927 standard and the applicable legal regulations.

The new Checkapp is fully integrated into Konecranes' digital ecosystem. "With the Truconnect remote data transmission, we already collect condition data and maintenance history of selected components in compatible crane systems," explains Sebastian Kijas. "This information is bundled, processed and visua-lised for users in the yourKonecranes portal." The Checkapp also transmits the inspection protocols for analysis. Sebastian Kijas: "In this way we offer operators a comprehensive overview of the condition of their cranes directly on their display.

This allows them to identify plant-specific safety or production risks and determine optimisation potential." In addition, the comprehensive data basis helps to comply with local safety regulations and other site rules. "The Checkapp is another building block in Konecranes' integrated and digital plant management," Sebastian Kijas emphasises. "With this innovative software, we support operators in using their facilities efficiently, sustainably and productively."

Image: the data from the Checkapp is transferred to the yourKonecrances customer portal and, together with the information from the Truconnect remote data monitoring system, provides a comprehensive picture of the crane's condition. Image courtesy of Konecrane.
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