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5 Ways to Gain an NDT 4.0 Edge with X3 Remote Collaboration
Source: Evident
With cloud-based work tools taking the nondestructive testing (NDT) industry by storm, now is a good time to rethink your company’s communication and work methods. Whereas historically, support for inspectors in the field was limited by technology and access, now wireless connectivity and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are expanding the possibilities.

Remote Support and Remote Collaboration Made Possible

The X3 Remote Collaboration Service (X3 RCS) is an app that's available as of MXU v. 5.9, the OmniScanTM X3 flaw detector’s onboard software. It offers an array of virtual support tools on wireless-network-connected OmniScan X3 series units.

Some of the capabilities offered by the X3 RCS:

The OmniScan X3 user can host a video conference meeting with off-site collaborators, sending them an email invite from the X3 RCS platform on the flaw detector.
Meeting participants can watch the OmniScan X3 live inspection results via their portable or smart devices, and they can, in turn, share their screens on the meeting platform.
To help the inspector with the analysis, any meeting participant can make annotations that appear both on the OmniScan X3 screen and the shared screen visible to everyone.
A meeting participant with a PC or laptop can request control of the unit and, when given the okay by the OmniScan X3 user, can stop and start the acquisition and access all menus.

Virtual Collaboration, Virtually Anywhere

Imagine the positive impact these sorts of tools could have on your efficiency and productivity. Here are five ways we think the X3 RCS can transform how your company operates for the better...

Read the full blog post at Evident.

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