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Access Granted with Confined Space Entry Inspection Robotic Crawlers
By: Eddyfi Technologies
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
We’ve seen a lot of changes over time, but one thing is clear - the use of industrial inspection robots is still in its infancy - especially in some pretty big industries like petrochemical, oil and gas. This is most easily seen with the lack of standards for performing remote visual inspection (RVI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) operations with robotic systems. The current standards, where they exist, typically do not preclude the use of robotics – they just don’t say anything about methodologies, or what will and will not be acceptable. Our goal is to give asset owners, integrity engineers, and technicians the best possible tools for collecting data that matters to them, without having to expose personnel to hazardous situations.

Employing robotic crawler and inspection camera systems have twofold benefits. First of all, Eddyfi Technologies’ solutions minimize human risk by accessing confined spaces, heights, and other volatile atmospheres where people shouldn’t be. Second, the objective data remotely collected in these potentially hazardous environments provide the integral information necessary to help determine the structural integrity assessment of critical infrastructure we depend on every day. Inspectors and asset owners need these Reliable, Actionable, Meaningful, and Preventative —or RAMP— data results to make business decisions that impact human and environmental safety.

Our remotely operated inspection technology has adapted and evolved with the needs of structural integrity assessors to provide robotic solutions that deliver RAMP results. Check out the free eBook on robotics for NDT data collection here.

Some of the larger companies have already implemented advanced inspection programs that include remote camera systems, drones, and crawler systems – and the results have been impressive. Take the Dow Chemical Company, for example; they have a fleet of robotic inspection tools working across the globe. Dow employs Eddyfi Technologies’ robotic crawler and camera systems to make working at its international factories safer by reducing confined space entries (CSEs) and preventing humans from entering dangerous environments. This is a direct result of the company’s safety requirements to eliminate CSEs by 2025.

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