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Sound Scanner Makes Machinery Noise Visible
Source: Metrology News
The Seven Bel patented innovation of a moving sensor Sound Scanners is able to simulate up to 480 microphone positions on a circular area while using only five built-in microphones. Comparable acoustic cameras are normally equipped with about 100 microphones. This advantage has significant impact on the measurement quality. The unique mobility and handling and high-quality measurement results make the Seven Bel Sound Scanner P132 a high-performance measurement device that can be used and transported easily.

The latest mobile app release from Seven Bel features numerous optimizations of existing functions. Acoustic images and audio data can now be analyzed side by side on one large screen. Tablet users can experience a higher level of comfort by manipulating the time and frequency domain while immediately inspecting the effect on the acoustic image. The acoustic image and the audio data section can be dynamically resized increasing further productivity and usability leaving more time for actual problem-solving.

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