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Achieving End-to-end Automation With Autonomous Machine Vision
Source: Robotics Tomorrow
Inspekto, the pioneer of Autonomous Machine Vision, has created off-the-shelf, flexible machine vision systems that can now be integrated into automated production lines, either specifically engineered or in standardised automation cells, to achieve end-to-end automation. Here Yonatan Hyatt, the company’s CTO, explains the benefits of this innovative automation setup.

An increasingly competitive landscape and evolving consumers’ demands have changed manufacturing, which has become more focused on automating production lines, increasingly using standardised automation cells, and on producing solutions for high-mix-low-volume manufacturing.

These manufacturing models require extremely versatile equipment that can be adapted to the frequently changing needs of the production line. At the same time, components have to fit into standardised automation cells like building blocks, each contributing to automating one step of the production process.

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