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SKOOT X - Automated Digital Radiography
Source: jireh.com
JIREH introduces SKOOT X. An innovative solution for automated digital radiography.

This remotely operated crawler carries radiographic platforms around ferrous and non-ferrous pipes using a newly redesigned chain system. The SKOOT X can be mounted to surfaces from 20.3 cm to 106.7 cm (8 in 42 in) while carrying payloads of up to 29 kg (65 lb). This impressive weight capability accommodates sources and detectors from various manufacturers with whom we have partnered to ensure compatibility. New controller software helps users program specific scan patterns, speed and other variables to ensure repeatable, precision results.

Designed to be highly adaptable and adjustable, the SKOOT X may also be ordered with magnetic wheels for carrying a detector around a ferrous surface.

JIREH specializes in the design and manufacture of robotic scanning technology. Our Canada-made products perform non-destructive testing on pipes, vessels, windmills and other components within the oil, gas and renewable energy industries. With remote locations in Houston, Texas and Rotterdam, Netherlands, we have provided equipment to clients in over 76 countries. These partnerships have allowed us to refine and innovate our products to become the industry leader.

Products may be viewed at jireh.com or JIREH offices: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Houston, Texas, USA - Rotterdam, Netherlands.
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