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Static Electricity and Surface Roughness in Films
Source: Evident
The surface of films used in food packaging, industrial materials, and medical applications feature various properties, such as transparency, gloss, waterproofness, antifouling, and non-adhesiveness. Surface treatment and processing are applied to add various surface functions.

To evaluate the quality of the surface treatment and processing on film, it is important to measure surface roughness. This inspection measures the roughness of fine irregularities on the film surface and quantifies it numerically. One way to measure surface roughness is with a 3D laser confocal microscope.

In an experiment, I looked to verify if there’s a relationship between static electricity and surface roughness in films using polyethylene film (food wrap) and antistatic film. To perform the roughness measurements, I used the LEXT™ OLS5100 3D laser confocal microscope. Read on to find out the results!

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