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The Remotely Operated Robotic Crawler Solution for Confined Space Inspections in Nuclear Power Plants
By: Eddyfi Technologies
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
Eddyfi Technologies’ remotely operated robotic crawlers have a long history of being deployed for visual testing operations across the nuclear power generation sector. Perhaps most famously known by industry for their involvement in the Fukushima remediation efforts, these inspection robots have proven time and again their fitness for service in environments unsuitable for direct human intervention. This article takes a look at how Korean based company, enesG, leverages both standard and OnSpec custom robotic solutions to assist with their nuclear power plant equipment qualification operations.

When their power generation maintenance technology team needed to assess the various components that keep nuclear power operations running smoothly, enesG recognized how Eddyfi Technologies’ robotic solutions have been successfully deployed by industry leaders across the world. Take the NanoMag™, for example. Standard and customized versions of this miniature magnetic crawler have been used for remote visual inspection (RVI) inside twin reactor pressure vessels as highlighted in this article on nuclear reactor primary piping inspection with Eddyfi Technologies robots. And let’s not forget the extensive use of NanoMag based inspection robots for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station’s remediation efforts. Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), Hitachi, and Toshiba all deployed Eddyfi Technologies’ robotic technology as detailed here in the role of robotics for nuclear remediation.

The Magg™ is another example of a readily available inspection robot ready to rise to the challenge of confined space inspections within the power generation sector. With its uniquely modular design, an OnSpec custom solution based on the proven platform has been the answer to other related nuclear facilities maintenance programs. In fact, the bespoke solution designed for TN Americas, an AREVA radioactive waste management and nuclear transportation provider, met nearly all the same requirements as enesG’s for visual assessment in difficult-to-access regions. Learn more about the nuclear waste storage remote visual inspection with the OnSpec custom robot here.

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