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Quality Assurance: Breaking Open the Silos
Source: SME
There’s an old saying in the accuracy business: To measure is to know. The 200+ exhibitors in the Quality Assurance Pavilion at IMTS 2022 are promising fresh looks at traditional approaches to determining quality, such as gages, probes, and micrometers, to entirely new cloud-based digital platforms delivering data-based fresh perspectives on what determines quality in manufacturing.

Earlier this year, Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division announced Nexus, an open platform for smart manufacturing. Nexus will enable real-time data sharing between different design, simulation, and production applications, including inspection and quality assurance.

Formerly siloed and separate applications will form workflows, combining technologies and perspectives to develop unique solutions to engineering and manufacturing problems—from concept to delivery. It will empower cross-functional teams to leverage fragmented digital data by improving visibility and connectivity, gaining unprecedented insight to bring their ideas to life faster, and produce higher-quality results, the company stated.

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CAPPSNC software from Applied Automation Technology 3D can take measurement data from on-machine probing and adjust for changes in work offsets, tool offsets, and tool wear as parts are being machined.

Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment