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FDH Infrastructure Group Acquires Smart Tower Systems for Structural Health Monitoring
Source: PR Newswire
FDH Infrastructure Services, LLC (FDH), a leader in engineering investigations of critical structures and developer of global technology solutions, today announces the acquisition by its parent, FDH Infrastructure Group, LLC, of Smart Tower Systems, LLC (Smart Tower), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rohn Products, LLC (Rohn). Smart Tower is a structural health monitoring (SHM) system designed and manufactured in the U.S. to support telecom, transmission, and wind turbine towers, as well as petrochemical structures, bridges, tall buildings, and elevators, in both short-term diagnostic applications and for continuous monitoring over the life of the structures. By adding a specialized SHM solution to its portfolio of nondestructive testing (NDT) technologies, FDH is enhancing its engineering services capabilities by developing innovative technologies that serve global critical infrastructure owners and service providers across multiple segments, including telecom, utilities, and renewable energy.

FDH's proprietary and patented NDT technologies have been used for over 25 years to evaluate the integrity and risk of underperformance of critical structures that experience degradation of structural components due to age, material or construction defects, or environmental conditions. NDT investigations often point to a need for continuous monitoring to identify potential changes to the structure over time, illustrating the additional value add of SHM.

Smart Tower sensors monitor structural oscillations and provide real-time alerts and updates, delivering asset owners a highly accurate, up-to-date account of their structures' health and current condition. Smart Tower sensors function in sensitive environments using encrypted cloud-based algorithms to provide remote periodic structural health status reports and trigger-based alerts. Early detection of performance changes or degradation, coupled with predictive analytics, provides owners with critical insight into the structures' behavior, enabling smarter decision-making regarding investments in repairs, maintenance, life extension, and/or the timing of structure replacement.

Comment from Greg McCray, CEO of FDH Infrastructure Services, LLC

"We're excited about the opportunity to leverage the innovation and insight of the Rohn team in creating Smart Tower. This acquisition will advance our mission of developing technologies that make the world's critical infrastructure safer, stronger, and smarter. Smart Tower's best-in-class SHM solution is a natural complement to our portfolio of established and emerging NDT solutions and will help us reach our goal of offering clients and partners a comprehensive platform for assessing the condition, monitoring and extending the life of critical infrastructure assets."

Comment from JP O'Brien, Owner of Rohn Products

"After years of working with FDH's first-rate engineering team, we couldn't think of a better partner to carry on our years of effort and innovation to help scale Smart Tower market adoption efforts."

About FDH Infrastructure Services, LLC

FDH Infrastructure Services, LLC is a global leader in the engineering investigation of structures and foundations. Driven by engineers and practitioners who believe there's a smarter way to sustain the world's critical infrastructure and building on years of field experience, FDH is commercializing groundbreaking research and development and leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver innovative solutions that advance the state-of-the-art in the industry. With proven technology and solutions that tackle the challenges of condition assessment and continuous monitoring in novel ways, this integrated approach helps critical infrastructure owners and operators mitigate risk, reduce costs, and ultimately extend the life of their assets.

FDH Infrastructure Services, LLC provides engineering services and innovative technology solutions to critical infrastructure asset owners and service providers in the United States and globally. FDH professionals hold licensure throughout the United States and its territories. www.fdh-is.com
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