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Capture™ Software Extends to Panther™ for Unparalleled Performance
By: Eddyfi Technologies
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
Launched in 2015 with the first version of the Gekko®, Capture™ has grown over the years to become a premier acquisition and analysis software for all ultrasonic techniques: conventional ultrasonic testing (UT), phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT), time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD), total focusing method (TFM), and adaptive TFM procedures (ATFM). In 2018, compatibility was extended to the Mantis™, a smaller and lighter PAUT flaw detector providing advanced features on an entry-level PAUT unit. On the other side of the spectrum, Capture software version 4.0 now offers the possibility to control the Panther™, a desktop PAUT unit that delivers unparalleled performance. This powerful software has evolved into a complete ecosystem from procedure definition to field inspection.

Capture, the streamlined software embedded in Gekko and Mantis portable flaw detectors, was developed to provide operators with standard ultrasonic techniques such as conventional UT, PAUT and TOFD, and new techniques that were not available on portable PAUT systems at the time. The first software to propose TFM in real-time on a portable PAUT unit and Plane Wave Imaging (PWI). A code-compliant technique for TFM offering scanning speed of over 100 millimetres per second (1 inch per second), Capture with PWI had no competition. Multigroup and multiprobe were made available for TFM allowing inspectors to perform weld inspection from both sides of the weld at the same time while combining up to four different modes with up to 250 kpixels and 500 pixels each for the Mantis and Gekko, respectively. Full matrix capture (FMC) and PWI elementary data recordings are available for further post-processing analysis.

Capture is used from configuration definition, to acquisition, and finally for analysis. Despite being software developed for portable equipment, it can deal with complex configurations like fillet weld, nozzles, and real 2D CAD components. It can operate linear, matrix, dual linear, and dual matrix array probes. Operators can define complex scan plans for all ultrasonic techniques and display in real-time the following indicators...

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