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Leave Pipeline Abandonment to ProFoam
By: Eddyfi Technologies
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
ProFoam is a family run operation that has well over 300,000 manhours completed on thousands of miles of pipeline projects. This includes providing pipe pads that cushion pipelines to prevent coating damage; the ProFoam motto is, "You lay it, we spray it!" Foam breakers are another innovative solution we offer to assist with pipeline erosion control; they are ideal for blocking subsoil from entering into wetlands and water resources. Finally, we offer void filling thanks to a proprietary foam and leading-edge robotic spray system that is truly Beyond Current. This article shares how ProFoam has taken pipeline abandonment to the next level thanks to robotic crawlers by Eddyfi Technologies.

When a pipe —whether a gas line, water main, or a culvert— goes offline, it essentially becomes an underground void encouraging ground collapse or residual content leaking. Because the safest and least disruptive solution is often leaving the decommissioned pipeline in place, asset owners have a continued obligation towards public safety and protecting the environment. Therefore, it is important to select a service provider who understands these responsibilities and can offer a reliable solution to plug the pipeline at the end of the decommissioning or pipe abandonment process.

Enter ProFoam. When searching for an industrial robotic solution, we knew we needed proven technology also flexible to our unique requirements. The robot had to be robust enough to handle this tough job, small enough for confined space entry, able to travel long distances to accommodate limited access or a single-entry point, and of course transport our custom chemical processing system. VersaTrax™ crawlers are frequently seen performing municipal water and sewer remote visual inspections, and their long-standing reputation for transporting payloads in otherwise unreachable locations and always getting the job done made Eddyfi Technologies the natural choice for providing our bespoke robotic solution...

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