Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
Automation With Remarkable Robotics
Source: Engineer Live
Oil & gas and chemical operations are complex and safety is paramount. Plant operators are required to pay special attention to the infrastructure where flammable and potentially explosive matters are processed. Ensuring availability and safety in these operationally intricate facilities requires frequent inspections and detailed monitoring. Often, these inspections must be performed in or close to potentially hazardous environments, and therefore all on-site equipment must be Ex-certified as safe for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. This means that any equipment used in these areas must be guaranteed not to cause an explosion, even in the presence of high levels of combustible substances.

ANYmal X, the Ex-certified, legged robotic inspection solution, aims to be the gamechanger. Operators in the oil & gas and chemical sectors can now include safe, autonomous and highly mobile robots in their inspection and workforce planning.

"For the first time, this closes an important technical gap, conducting automated inspections in very complex environments, with stairs and tight passages, and this in combination with Ex-zones is a novelty!" comments Peter Welter, automation manager at BASF.

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