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JIREH releases automated solution for non-ferrous inspection.
JIREH launches MOTIX: a powerful new scanner for various plastic, fibreglass, non-ferrous materials and ferrous surfaces.

This multi-faceted scanner helps users detect delamination, corrosion or weld defects using any number of supported probes and instruments. The all-new quick-release chain system assembles for corrosion inspection on pipes from 20 106.7 cm (8 to 42 inches) in diameter. Intricate scan paths, system settings and driving are adjusted using the colour touchscreen controller. The MOTIX can be ordered with batteries that can power the system and any attached components for hours, removing the need for cumbersome heavy generators. JIREH expands the MOTIX capabilities with weld inspection for up to four ultrasonic probes. With all this and so much more, we are confident customers will love the new MOTIX chain scanner.

JIREH specializes in the design and manufacture of robotic scanning technology. Our Canada-made products perform non-destructive testing on pipes, vessels, windmills and other components within the oil, gas and renewable energy industries. With remote locations in Houston, Texas and Rotterdam, Netherlands, we have provided equipment to clients in over 76 countries. These partnerships have allowed us to refine and innovate our products to become the industry leader.

Products may be viewed at jireh.com or JIREH offices: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Houston, Texas, USA - Rotterdam, Netherlands.
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