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Infrared Cameras Spot Problems from a Distance
Infrared (IR) thermography scanning and inspection tools are getting more sophisticated and user friendly at the same time. Trained, certified thermographers armed with modern IR devices can safely detect and record adverse safety, environmental, or operational conditions such as hot spots, air and gas leaks, and excessive emissions. A new online marketplace and updated IR standards further bolster success.

Infrared cameras designed for low size, weight, and power consumption (SWaP) deliver efficiency along with performance. The new ImageIR 6300 Z from InfraTec GmbH is a small, lightweight infrared camera with a 7.5x zoom lens and motorized focus. The camera’s XBn detector material with high operating temperature (HOT) technology allows for a smaller cooler with lower power.

The ImageIR 6300 Z is "the first fully radiometric SWaP infrared camera with an integrated zoom lens," says Fabian Göttfert, head of development at InfraTec GmbH. "This novel design allows temperature measurements at different fields of view and focal distances without the need to change lenses, combined with the precision offered by a photon detector camera."

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