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Phil Schnyder Joins Apellix as COO
By: Robert Dahlstrom
Source: Apellix
Apellix™ Moving from Product Development to Sales and Production with New COO

Jacksonville, Florida...January 23, 2019 – Phil Schnyder, a software executive with over 30 years in the tech industry working with multiple startups and public companies, has joined Apellix as Chief Operating Officer. Phil has led teams that have sold over a quarter billion dollars of software. In 1984, Phil helped start North American Software, a company based in Munich, Germany, that republished U.S. software titles in Europe. He later became the CEO of askSam Systems, the developer of some of the world's most popular freeform database tools. Phil helped design askSam products that won numerous industry awards, including PC World's "Internet Utility of the Year." Most recently, Phil managed the online division at Avanquest Software, growing their sales worldwide.

"We are thrilled to have Phil join the Apellix management team," said Bob Dahlstrom, CEO of Apellix. "He is an exemplary leader for our engineering team during an exciting chapter of our company as we move our products from development to production. As Apellix grows and evolves, Phil will oversee additional engineering talent.

Mr. Schnyder brings a unique breadth of software development acumen, organizational leadership, and sales experience to Apellix to ensure consistent growth for the business and each professional on the team. Trusted and respected for his strategic thinking, communication, transparency, and the establishment of sound development and sales processes, Phil ensures all stakeholders and teammates know the priorities and methods to achieve them.

The Apellix precision-controlled aerial robotics systems are based on its patented software platform and enable moving workers to complete work at elevation from harm's way. This allows for unique and innovative drone-based systems that perform real work, such as power washing, painting, and testing (for corrosion and paint thickness). This revolutionizes industries making elevated projects safer, faster, and less expensive. Apellix aerial robots (drones) significantly reduce project costs by decreasing access costs and performing tasks faster than humans creating safer, more desirable jobs and offering a solution to worker shortages.

By adding a robotic arm and an end effector (i.e., a hand with tools) to a software-controlled aircraft, we enable it to fly up to a structure and touch or modify it under complete computer control. Thereby performing the dirty, dangerous, and expensive work that needs to be done while keeping employees safe on the ground. Apellix does not change the underlying cleaning, coating, or testing technology. Instead, they integrate existing technology into their robotics platform and make it work better, safer, faster, and with more robust results.

About Apellix

Apellix, an early-stage software company based in Jacksonville, Florida, has developed an aerial robotic platform with patented software and sensor arrays to control precision flight to complete a wide range of tasks currently too expensive or too dangerous to perform otherwise. Video examples of Apellix drones at work can be found on the Apellix Website. www.Apellix.com
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