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MFE Inspection Solutions Announces New 640x512 Handheld OGI Camera
By: MFE Inspection Solutions
MFE Inspection Solutions is pleased to announce the release of the new MFE Handheld Optical Gas Imaging Camera that will allow operators to visualize harmful gas leaks in real-time and take immediate action.

The handheld device features a 640 x 512 HOT mid-wave infrared camera core and sources its power from its 70wh rechargeable battery handle. The cameraís handheld functionality allows operators to hone in on targeted areas while also taking advantage of the 640 sensor to survey the whole scene and capture a defined plume from their vantage point at a distance. The camera targets infrared wavelengths absorbed by gasses including methane, propane, and butane, and produces real-time visuals that would otherwise be invisible. By identifying the size, movement, and direction of a gas leak, operators can assess the danger quickly, get facility operators and maintenance staff out of harmís way, and repair the leak fast.

"We wanted to create a versatile, lightweight, easy to use OGI camera that was capable of identifying plumes at much higher definition and can be easily shared through our Android based app. The 640 sensor and streamlined user interface allows inspectors to assess a leak in real time, share data with stakeholders and make immediate decisions, limiting product loss, reducing harm to the environment, and protecting lives," says MFE Inspection Solutions Chief Technology Officer Jason Acerbi.

The MFE Handheld OGI Camera is OOOOa (Quad OA) compliant and will ensure air quality and minimize emissions. Its ability to assess and uncover leaks whether small or large improves process safety, increases productivity, reduces product loss, and improves planning for planned or scheduled maintenance repairs.

The MFE OGI camera is crucial for monitoring oil and gas infrastructure such as surveying and drilling production wells, fuel gas lines, LNG terminals, above and below-ground pipelines, and flare stack monitoring. The camera also provides valuable thermal imagery of equipment and infrastructure such as vent stacks, compressors, generators, engines, valves, flanges, connections, seals, and terminals.

For more information about the MFE OGI Camera and its specifications visit https://mfe-is.com/product/mfe-ogi-camera/.
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