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The Next Generation of NDE
Source: Aerospace Magazine
In a Q&A session, AdaptixNDE’s commercial director NDE, Andy Barnes explains why the next generation of aircraft will require the next generation of NDE.

Based on the Oxford University Science Park’s Centre for Innovation & Enterprise, AdaptixNDE is a deep-tech company at the cutting edge of imaging technology.

The company says it enables evaluation to start earlier in the aerospace manufacturing process, for instance when a composite device is still in dry preform, allowing assessment before a further magnitude of cost has been incurred and reducing the economic and environmental cost of waste. As importantly, identifying items for re-work earlier in the process frees up production capability for products that can be sold rather than scrapped, offering the chance to realise productivity enhancements.

AdaptixNDE can track all these events and data with its digital outputs for longitudinal analysis and eventually realise a predictive quality management plan for each individual parts via their digital twin.

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