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Drone Harmony and AEE Develop New Search & Rescue Autonomous Solution
Source: Commercial UAV News
Last month, AEE Technology and Drone Harmony announced a new product and distribution partnership to incorporate AEE’s first responder UAS into Drone Harmony’s Search and Rescue (S&R) Autonomous Flight System Software. This means Drone Harmony will now support the full complement of AEE’s commercial aircraft as well as several other leading manufacturers of UAV/Drone technology around the world for S&R missions, enabling drone pilots to execute an Autonomous Search Pattern rapidly with integrated topography capability.

To allow public safety teams around the globe to quickly and efficiently execute UAV searches with a touch of button, Drone Harmony’s software now features preselected search patterns, including expanding squares, sector searches, and track lines with the ability to add Terrain Aware automation. The software will automatically program the flight by selecting the search area on a map and the type of search pattern. Additionally, pilots can concentrate on the video feed (Thermal or RGB) if the Terrain Aware option is active.

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