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photonicSENS introduces apiCAM PRO industrial 3D camera
photonicSENS, the compact 3D camera single lens company announced the third member of its apiCAM 3D camera family – the apiCAM PRO. Designed to add seamless image and depth perception ability for millimetre and submillimetre-scale metrology and inspection, this customizable and affordable depth-sensing solution calculates the 6 DoF pose of a target from a single point of view, in just one shot.

Suitable for integration in manufacturing processes and in robot-arm mounted operations, apiCAM PRO has a small form factor under 29x29 mm and weight 150g. It is ideal for applications where space is limited and when larger and heavier vision systems are not suitable. It excels in applications where the image and depth map need to be exactly matched. Adding this seamless image and depth perception ability increases dramatically the speed of assembly and test processes and lowers the cost of 3D inspection and quality assurance of exceptionally fine detail and micro features, at very close range.

apiCAM PRO currently offers a 1.4 Mpixel resolution for depth and for images and is ideal for inspection at close range and to measure depth and height of even the most challenging submillimetre parts such as silicon dies, or small components used in watch making.

apiCAM Pro Highlights:

Simultaneously matched image and depth map to guarantee zero mismatch error
Delivers RGBXYZ Point Cloud
Customizable resolution and frame rate
Compact 29 x29mm form factor
Solid state with no moving parts
250mW power consumption
3D depth sensing applications

Jorge Blasco, photonicSENS’s CTO stated "apiCAM PRO is ideal for challenging millimetre and submillimetre-scale metrology. It simplifies digitization of micro-features as it requires just one camera with a single lens which eliminates the need for complex image/depth matching algorithms while also avoiding the need for multiple images at distinct positions, and it reduces the overall cost of additional devices. Other potential applications include optical inspections of small parts, micro positioning, as well as alignment and scanning of small objects for digital and augmented reality training and maintenance support services in the metaverse."

Jorge Blasco explained, "In addition to selling camera modules, we are in constant dialog with our potential customers and offer them the opportunity to test their use case by working with an Evaluation Kit. We also work on custom projects to help customers solve unique and challenging inspection and metrology requirements. The feedback from such activities has been incredibly positive and it is the reason we are looking forward to volume deployment of apiCAM PRO."

apiCAM PRO, our industrial 3D camera is available for order from photonicSENS sales and our distribution partners, and on the photonicSENS web: www.photonicSENS.com.

About photonicSENS

photonicSENS' single lens 3D depth camera simultaneously offers image and the highest resolution depth map to disrupt advanced applications such as augmented reality on XR-glasses, 3D reconstruction of objects and metrology and inspection in robotics and industrial applications. Combining innovative optics and sophisticated algorithms photonicSENS' depth sensing solution reduces the number of components required and it is computationally efficient to enable intelligent vision on any device, with the lowest power requirements.
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