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By: Jaylen Young
Source: Twitter
The S2 Polar is your ultimate multi-element analyzer- for precision sulfur analysis and more! Discover the power and versatility of the S2 POLAR, a true multi-element analyzer meticulously engineered to meet all your S analysis needs, from diesel to crude oils and beyond. This cutting-edge benchtop instrument combines the performance of several single-element analyzers, providing an all-in-one solution for various applications.

The S2 POLAR comes equipped with SampleCare™ technology. Preventing liquid sample leakages and safeguarding critical system components, SampleCare™ ensures uninterrupted performance and guarantees your peace of mind.

Comes with a pre-installed Ready-to-analyze solution for petrochemical standards and is just one click away with the S2 POLAR 'One Button' feature. Minimize setup time and achieve cost-effective element analysis. It is designed to deliver precise and reliable results for all your multi-element analysis requirements.
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