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Defects Are Doomed, Cost Efficient Riser Inspection, Beyond the Curve with Iris
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Defects Are Doomed: How UltraVision® Software Improves Inspections.
Offshore Riser Corrosion Monitoring Made More Cost and Time Efficient.
Inspecting beyond the curve with IRIS.

Defects Are Doomed: How UltraVision® Software Improves Inspections.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the world of stalking defects with Ultrasonic Testing (UT), UltraVision® software is here to revolutionize your inspection processes and take your UT capabilities to unchartered territories. In version 3.12R18, available for download for UltraVision Classic and UltraVision Touch, novel features bring enhancements to Total Focusing Method (TFM) and Phased Array UT (PAUT) modes. Read on to learn more about automatic frame size calculation for TFM, improved TFM image calculation speed, increased performance with raw data saving for both Full Matrix Capture (FMC) and Plane Wave Imaging (PWI), PWI configuration for Dual Matrix Array (DMA) setups, as well as S-scan smoothing for PAUT channels.


Offshore Riser Corrosion Monitoring Made More Cost and Time Efficient.

Risers present one of the most challenging environments for design when you consider the damage caused by seawater and marine growth while withstanding wave action and storm damage. This is further accentuated by the high temperatures caused from the product flowing through the pipe. The consequences of riser rupture can be catastrophic for both the environment and the health and safety of those working on the platform.


Inspecting Beyond the Curve with IRIS

Industrial boilers have been integral to various applications for over a century, providing steam for propulsion systems in ships and other vessels. However, the harsh working environment exposes boiler tubes to factors such as wall thinning, which can compromise their integrity. The Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS) has proven to be an effective inspection technique for assessing boiler tube conditions. Nonetheless, conventional IRIS components face limitations when inspecting complex tube designs, such as those featuring S-shaped vertical tubes. This application note explores the challenges associated with inspecting vertical boiler tubes with elbows and presents an innovative solution using a flexible IRIS probe.


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