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Phoenix ISL launch new Rotary Axis Scanner
By: Sandra Hibbert
Source: Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited
Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited have launched Gyro, a new rotary axis scanning solution.

Gyro features a rugged, rotary scanning platform that attaches to the ends of pipes, studs, bolts and pins via interchangeable locking jaws. The jaws clamp securely to either the inside diameter (ID) or outside diameter (OD) of pipes and components of varying sizes and shapes for application-specific inspections. The scanning platform houses up to two ultrasonic transducers on adjustable toolpost rails. A high resolution, non-slip encoder allows the operator to accurately position the sensor bay on and around the end of the inspection site and rotate the platform with a smooth scanning motion to produce C-Scan inspections.

Robust and ergonomic in design and materials, Gyro can be operated by just one inspection engineer and is compatible with any industry standard instrumentation. A versatile scanning solution for all operators in the Oil & Gas, Nuclear and Power Generation industries.

For more information visit: https://www.phoenixisl.com/products/gyro-rotary-axis-scanner/
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