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Fiberscope.net Is Proud To Present a New Ultra-Thin Probe For The VOYAGER C40 Video Borescope Camera
By: Stephan Khubiryants
Source: Fiberscope.net
Fiberscope.net, a leading provider of remote visual inspection tools, is proud to announce the latest addition to its popular video borescope camera line, the VOYAGER C40. A new ultra-thin probe with 1.3mm diameter and 1m in length, with a durable, no-articulation design, has entered the industry. These technological advancements permit higher resolution and better footage than any fiberscope with this diameter. Prior to this, only fiberscopes could be manufactured with this diameter and had multiple drawbacks, such as limited resolution and a fuzzy honeycomb pattern on the image due to hundreds of fiber strands. By utilizing tiny cameras instead of fiber optics, these issues were resolved, but the size of the camera chip still limited the diameter of the probe. With the newest advancements, the VOYAGER line has a selection of probes ranging from 1.3mm to 6mm in diameter, making VOYAGER C40 Video Borescope one of the most versatile and efficient video borescope cameras on the market. The VOYAGER C40 Video Borescope Camera is equipped with all the necessary technologies for inspecting aircraft turbines, helicopter engines, automobile transmission cases, internal parts of electric motors, and other areas. Its lightweight design, interchangeable probes, tip articulation, and easy-to-use software make it an excellent choice for professionals in a variety of industries. Different diameters and lengths of probes are available for the VOYAGER C40, and they can all be efficiently interchanged with the same base, making it a cost-effective option. The joystick control for tip articulation is conveniently incorporated into the video borescope, eliminating unnecessary hand movement. Mechanical tip articulation is available in 4-way (2mm/2.8mm/3.9mm and 6mm probes) or 2-way (1.8mm probe). The VOYAGER C40 Video Borescope Camera contains much-needed software characteristics required for conducting inspections in industrial applications. Footage is captured easily with a trigger button situated by the forefinger. Realtime and playback digital zoom makes the assessment job easier and more accurate. An HD CMOS camera chip and a quality processor deliver the 3.5 TFT monitor clear and detailed images of the inspection site. With all these features combined into one compact unit, VOYAGER C40 Video Borescope has broadened its possibilities even more, thanks to the latest advancements in probe manufacturing by adding a new ultra-thin video probe.
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