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Fiberscope.net is proud to reveal an upgraded STRAHL HDL Water Well Camera
By: Stephan Khubiryants
Source: Fiberscope.net
Fiberscope.net, a prominent online provider of visual inspection equipment, is pleased to announce an updated version of its STRAHL HDL Well Camera, which provides an improved user experience with enhanced design and features. The camera is designed to affordably inspect vertical boreholes, mineshafts, underground structures, and wells, allowing for precise assessment of damage and maintenance requirements. The motorized reel holds a flexible cable reinforced with kevlar, which has a length of 1,640 ft (500M) and is controlled by levers on the control box. The control unit features a 10" HD IPS LCD monitor, keyboard, emergency brake, and other monitor controls. Additional features include an on-screen meter counter, camera temperature measurement, wifi image transmission, and an external microphone. The HD dual-view camera head delivers side and straight-view footage with a resolution of 1280x720. It is machined out of sturdy stainless steel and has twelve extra-bright LEDs and an adjustable focus. With an IP68 rating the camera head can withstand pressures up to 50bars (725psi). Recently, the STRAHL HDL Water Well Camera has undergone several upgrades, making it more compact, lightweight, and user-friendly. The original control box has been replaced with a smaller, upgraded unit with improved interface and features. The new version features a 10" HD monitor with 720p definition and improved processing boards. With all these improvements, the STRAHL HDL Well Camera is now one of the most cost-effective inspection solutions for deep boreholes and in-depth shaft inspections.
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