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Discover the Advantages of the Pulse-Receive Version of the Evident REX1 DLA Probe
By: Evident
Dual Linear Array™ (DLA) probes are unique in that the transmitting and receiving arrays are mounted at an angle on a delay line that acoustically insulates the pulsing and receiving sound beams. This design reduces the amplitude of surface reflections and improves the near-surface resolution by focusing the generated beams beneath the part surface.

Our DLA probes for phased array (PA) corrosion inspection offer several advantages over dual element transducers used for conventional ultrasonic testing (UT).

Improvements include:

Larger beam coverage
Increased scanning efficiency
Higher datapoint density

Options including a contoured removable delay line and irrigation are available for our DLA probes to optimize results on pipes as small as 4 inches (101.6 mm) in diameter. We also offer a high-temperature version to inspect surfaces as hot as 300 °F (150 °C).

Incentive to Rewire the Dual Linear Array Probe
Thanks to its specially developed wiring, the DLA probe has proven its worth for PA inspection when used with non-PR phased array acquisition instruments. Often mounted on automated or semiautomated scanners, DLA probes achieve high-quality C-scan imaging for corrosion monitoring as well as assessing critical defects such as pitting, creep damage, and hydrogen induced cracking (HIC).

As the capabilities of phased array devices have advanced, so have the demands on probe technology. It’s these performance requirements that prompted our sensor R team to undertake designing the "pulse-receive," or PR, model, of the REX1 DLA probe. The REX1 PR model’s wiring is configured differently than the original in order to further expand its beam firing capacity.

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