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AMS 2644 APPROVAL of the FLUXO RANGE for Fluorescent Penetrant
By: Fabien CORMIER
AMS 2644 APPROVAL of the FLUXO RANGE - SAE Aerospace Material Specification - Inspection Material, Penetrant.

FLUXO 8702 Water Washable Penetrant / Level 2
FLUXO 8703 Water Washable Penetrant / Level 3
FLUXO P93 Post Emulsifiable Penetrant / Level 3
FLUXO E10 Emulsifier
FLUXO RD1 Developer
FLUXO R175 Non-Aqueous Developer
FLUXO S190 Solvent Cleaner

Materials listed on the QPL AMS 2644 meet the following rigorous requirements:
NADCAP quality programs
OEM aerospace manufacturers: Airbus, Boeing, SAFRAN, General Electric, Gulfstream, Honeywell, Hamilton Sundstrand, Pratt & Whitney, Parker Hannifin, Rolls-Royce.

Aerospace specifications state that only products listed and approved on QPL-AMS-2644 may be used for fluorescent penetrant examination. The FLUXO Range can now be used for Fluorescent Penetrant Testing in the Aerospace Industry.

Advantages of the FLUXO RANGE
Low viscosity penetrant for a lower consumption of penetrant
A wide choice of packaging = 1L / 5L / 20L / 200L / 1000L
available in stock
A laboratory allowing you to carry out your bath monitoring in accordance with penetrant testing specifications (NADCAP, SAFRAN, AIRBUS, etc.)

The FLUXO RANGE is available via our distributor network all around the world. Samples are available for testing, please contact me for more information.
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