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MFE Inspection Solutions Unveils alphaDUR mini II: Elevating Hardness Testing Standards
By: Sharon Reynolds
Source: MFE Inspection Solutions
Houston, Texas – MFE Inspection Solutions, a premier industrial inspection solutions provider, is excited to unveil the BAQ alphaDur Mini II, a cutting-edge advancement in Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) hardness testing technology. This groundbreaking device significantly surpasses its predecessor by incorporating a more potent battery, expanded memory capacity, and an enhanced display with a larger size and higher resolution ensuring even greater ease of use.

The alphaDur mini II introduces key advancements in portable hardness testing that significantly benefit inspectors. The enhanced 3.5"-TFT-LCD color display with 640 x 480 pixels offers superior clarity for easy data reading in diverse lighting conditions, crucial for fieldwork efficiency. Also, its memory expansion reduces the need for frequent data transfers and extended testing periods.

With state-of-the-art technology and the widely used USB Type-C port, the alphDUR mini II modernizes data management with options for direct data transfer to the PC and streamlined charging. This, combined with a significant battery life improvement of approximately 10 hours, ensures prolonged operational capabilities without interruption.

Key upgrades include:

• Enhanced Display: Transitioning from a 2.4" color LCD to a 3.5"-TFT-LCD color display, providing clearer, more detailed visuals in almost all environmental conditions.
• Expanded Memory: The leap from 256 MB to 8 GB eMMC-Flash-Memory allows for over 1 million measurements, facilitating extensive data collection and analysis.
• Advanced Connectivity: With the new USB type C port, the existing USB functions have also been extended so that direct data transfer from the alphaDUR mini II to the PC is now possible. This significantly increases the flexibility of data management.
• Extended Battery Life: A new 6800 mAh Li-ion battery extends the operating time to approximately 10 hours, ensuring reliability over longer inspection periods.
Upcoming Enhancements: Post-launch updates will equip the alphaDUR mini II with additional capabilities, such as Bluetooth 5.0, BLE technology.

"MFE’s dedication to innovation is exemplified in the BAQ alphaDur mini II. This new device not only advances the field of hardness testing but also demonstrates our commitment to providing solutions that meet our clients’ demanding needs," says MFE Inspection Solutions CEO Dylan Duke.

"Through continuous research and development, we have improved an already excellent predecessor model and offer our customers an even higher level of accuracy and reliability with the alphaDUR mini II. We are confident that the new functions and increased performance of the measuring device will transform testing into a more precise and efficient process for all professionals," adds BAQ CEO Michael Eder.

MFE is committed to facilitating a smooth transition for its customers to the alphaDUR mini II, providing essential support and detailed guidance on leveraging the new device’s advanced capabilities for improved operational efficiency.

We invite industry professionals to discover the unparalleled benefits of the alphaDUR mini II. Visit our website at mfe-is.com to explore the new features and capabilities. For more information or to arrange a demonstration, please contact our sales team at sales@mfe-is.com.

For more information on the alphaDUR mini II: https://mfe-is.com/product/alphadur-mini-ii-uci-hardness-tester/

About MFE Inspection Solutions:

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For more information on how the alphaDUR mini II can transform your inspection processes, or to schedule a demonstration, please contact:

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