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Eddyfi Technologies Launches TubePro™ 6
By: Eddyfi Technologies
Source: Eddyfi Technologies
Quebec, Canada, March 27, 2024 – Eddyfi Technologies, a global leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions, proudly introduces TubePro™ 6, the latest iteration of its pre-inspection and reporting software. TubePro 6 sets a new standard for tubing inspection, offering enhanced tools and features that empower companies to deliver unparalleled insights and efficiency in heat exchanger inspections.

Key Features of TubePro 6:
• Redesigned User Interface (UI): The new UI boasts a 60% reduction in buttons within the Tubesheet menu, facilitating ease of use and quicker onboarding of new team members.
• Simplified Workflow: Streamlined processes enable efficient navigation, ensuring tubing inspection companies can harness the full potential of TubePro 6.
• Improved Report Variables Manager: The redesigned manager allows seamless access and sharing of customer details, inspection nomenclature, and equipment information within teams.
• Shorter Processing Times: TubePro 6 ensures faster navigation and processing times, providing confidence and efficiency for inspections of all heat exchanger sizes.

"Leave it to the TubePro! I am thrilled to introduce a game-changing evolution in tubing inspection. TubePro 6 not only represents a leap forward in technology but a commitment to empowering our users. With a redesigned user interface, streamlined workflow, and improved collaboration features, TubePro 6 is set to redefine how professionals approach heat exchanger inspections. We believe this innovation will not only save time and enhance efficiency but elevate the entire inspection process, setting a new industry standard for insightful and impactful reports." – David Veilleux, Product Manager

Eddyfi Technologies invites tubing inspection professionals to stay Beyond Current and discover the efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction achieved with TubePro 6. The software's advanced capabilities and user-friendly interface promise to revolutionize the way heat exchanger inspections are conducted.

Visit https://www.eddyfi.com/en/product/tubepro to learn more about the complete 2D/3D pre-inspection and reporting software for tubing inspections.

For further information, please contact:
Daniel Brown
Vice President, Marketing and Product Management
Eddyfi Technologies
Tel: 418-780-1565

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