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Magkraft Announces Multidirectional Magnetic Particle Test Bench
Source: Magkraft
Magkraft Integrated Private Limited proudly announces the launch of itís multidirectional magnetic particle test benches.

In conventional MPI equipment, the magnetic fields in two directions are achieved by using head shot & coil shot. Headshot generates circular magnetic field which indicates longitudinal flaws. Coil shot generates longitudinal magnetic field which shows transverse flaws.

For detecting defects in all directions, the part has to be sprayed with magnetic powder, magnetized & inspected at least two times in the conventional method.
This results in double the time & cost of testing.

Some of the manufacturers supply equipment having facility of automatic application of sequential shots, also called combined magnetization. In this type of equipment coil shot is given after the headshot with or without overlap. This method is supposed to detect defects in all directions.

What happens in reality is the defects related to the shot which was given first get diluted by the 2nd shot. There is a great chance of fine cracks to be indicated by 1st shot being missed

In our multidirectional test benches, two perpendicular magnetic fields are applied to the component simultaneously. These fields are switched at a high frequency, so that at one time, only one field is present. This fast switching of magnetic fields shows defects in all directions in a single shot. Multidirectional magnetization can be used with AC as well as with HWDC current.

This reduces time required to test a part by half since in conventional machines, the part is checked in two shots, one shot for longitudinal defects & second shot for transverse defects. For high production rates, it means savings of space & manpower by half.

We can customize the test bench as per the part to be tested.
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