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Taqtile Leverages Spatial Computing To Advance Antiquated Inspection Processes
Taqtile, a leader in augmented reality (AR)-based work instruction solutions, has announced a dramatic advance in how industrial and defense industry customers conduct inspections and track equipment faults. With newly introduced innovations implemented in Manifest, users can more efficiently and thoroughly flag faults identified within the inspection process and, subsequently, track and independently manage those faults. These new capabilities, combined with the innate power of the Manifest spatial-computing system, enable organizations to conduct inspections more efficiently while simultaneously decreasing human error traditionally found in paper-based systems.

Inspections are critical to both industrial and defense operations. Historically, inspections are also time-consuming, inefficient undertakings that often suffer from incomplete and inaccurate reporting. Manifest elegantly addresses these issues, optimizing inspection workflow by providing step-by-step instructions for users to follow, and capturing critical data which faults occurred, where they occurred, and when they occurred throughout the fault management and resolution processes. Once a fault is flagged and fundamental information is captured, industrial and defense users can leverage Manifest to assign tasks to individuals or teams, and track resolution activity through completion.

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