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High-Demand Waterwell Inspection Camera Available for Rental
By: Christophor Khubiryants
Source: 1599 Dugald Rd
We are glad to introduce our Well Camera STRAHL HD for rent. This tool is designed to help companies and professionals who need to diagnose and survey wells, shafts, and other underground facilities.

Strahl HD Well Camera is well developed by the world-class professionals who answered the need for checking different locations. The dual view high-resolution of 2048X1536 also can be regarded as versatile and handy in size, which means it is dual purposed and can be used to locate and find any formed blockages and structural issues of the downhole inspections. The sleek design makes it easy to negotiate even the narrow spaces typical of industrial environments.

Key features of the new Well Camera STRAHL HD:

200M (656ft) cable length
1.77" Dual-View camera head
Withstands up to a pressure level of 30 bars. Waterproof IP68 rated.
The super-bright LED lights provide very bright illumination.
Equipped with built-in counter and hand reel with a brake.
8" HD - LCD Color Display with 1280x720 resolution

Simplest human interface for image/video capture and storage onto an external USB memory.

Our Well Camera STRAHL HD is an effective tool while making water well inspections, assessment of boreholes, and even during carrying out environmental surveys. The unit is now open for rent and opens up modern inspection capabilities without large investment. Well Camera STRAHL HD is also suitable for environmental surveys, the assessment of underground water points, and can be used in their diagnostics, even in a broad sense, for video inspection of various kinds of infrastructures - pipelines, sewer systems, underground cables, etc.

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