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Great news, the Pan and Tilt Drain Camera iSnake is now out for sale!
By: Christophor Khubiryants
Source: Medit
iSnake has the highest resolution and quality small ergonomic camera produced for close-up pipe and secondary line inspection, including a universal micro rotatable camera head, one-touch manual focus, and superior image quality; this makes iSnake unique in this competition for short-distance drain inspection.

It has a 1.3" rotary camera head, which can rotate up to 360 and make side tilts up to 180, for a broad view inside the pipe. One-button manual focusing allows for a faster inspection set-up with accurate focus on objects located far or near the camera head, thus optimizing the usage of time during the inspection.

This will be a great thing to use for plumbers, contractors, and pipe inspectors, because small pipes will open access for most operations or, in a lateral dimension, with more precise focus.

Portable design with a battery-operated power supply. The protective lid and rugged metal frame are part of the all-in-one unit design. Measurements: good for small pipes, shorter-range drains, secondary and lateral needs, and comes with a 30M/98ft. flexible push cable. Compatible with pipes having diameters from 2" to 12". It is battery operated.

The battery-operated control box is designed with all the controls and switches to make remote inspections easy to do with an added 8" monitor for information such as time, date, text, and counter measurements. Easily take snapshots or record video using on-screen access buttons and on-screen keyboards, with text overlays that are audio voice-over.

iSnake is equipped with a micro pan and tilt camera head, manual focus, with high-definition image outputs for the ultimate solution in small-diameter pipes, side laterals, and wall examinations.

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