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Ether NDE are proud to release the new AeroCheck 3, delivering advanced NDT inspection features “at the turn of a wheel”.
By: Cuciureanu
Source: Ether NDE
Based on operator feedback and embracing the use of new materials, the AeroCheck 3 delivers to the end-user enhanced ruggedness, a toughened screen, improved connector access and performance. The AeroCheck includes IP68 "top-face" connector access and an optional en-coder wheel. The AeroCheck 3 upholds the heritage of the established AeroCheck Series and delivers the best in Eddy Current performance, with rotary inspection capabilities as standard, together with variety of advanced features.

The embedded software has been improved with an overhaul of colour schemes and new icons delivering an improved user interface, now navigable at lightning speed with thumb-wheel nav-igation as an option. Advanced features such as Conductivity Measurement, Auto-Mix, Loop, Guides and Trace are included together with an outstanding single and dual frequency range of 10Hz- 20MHz, ensuring a diverse range of real world applications can be met.

In addition to the use of new materials in the blended dual polymer casing, resulting in a light-weight instrument of 1.15kg and delivering great resistance to oil, UV light and impact. Up-graded connectors are now rated at IP68 and the whole panel has been relocated to the top of the instrument for easy access and straightforward probe and memory card changes. A new addition is a built-in camera mount, with an optional VESA tripod mount plate, now ideal ensur-ing stability or minimising contact with hazardous surfaces, improving visibility for the operator.

With over 7 hours battery life, and fast charging times of 2.5 hours the AeroCheck 3 has now evolved into a leading "site-ready" NDT inspection partner, developed specifically for the Aero-space industry’s NDE application and maintenance challenges.

John Hansen, Managing Director of ETher NDE, said " The introduction of the AeroCheck 3 embodies extensive feedback from Eddy Current NDE Professionals and we have distilled the core desired features and demands of our customer and operator base into the physical and Eddy Current performance of the new AeroCheck 3. We are very confident that this latest devel-opmental process has resulted in the AeroCheck 3 being the most powerful, yet simple to use, hand-held Eddy Current Instrument the industry has ever seen".

Mike Reilly, Executive Chairman, added "We are delighted that we have been able to increase the value-added UK content of the AeroCheck 3 to over 60% and we continue to offer our Standard Three-Year Warranty".

About ETher NDE
We are a dedicated manufacturer of Eddy Current (ECT) non-destructive testing (NDT) equip-ment, probes and accessories and the ‘go to’ company for all your Eddy Current (EC) NDT Solutions. ETher NDE was founded on three core principles and to this day they are still what we operate in line with. They are firstly the ability to speak to someone who understands our product, the industry and your applications; secondly industry-leading delivery times on equip-ment and probes and the ability to respond to your challenges and thirdly that our products are second to none in both performance and quality. We are proud that as a company we operate to these core principles continuously and that we are true to the main reason the company was founded; to offer Eddy Current NDT Solutions to the industry backed up by a wealth of knowl-edge and sealed with great customer service from real people who care and are passionate about what they do.
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