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Tritex NDT - Leading the way with drone mounted thickness gauging sells their 200th gauge
By: Jon Sharland
Source: Tritex NDT Ltd
Tritex NDT has recently achieved a significant milestone by selling their 200th Drone Mountable Thickness Gauge, solidifying the Multigauge 6000 as the benchmark in drone-based thickness measurements within the industry. Since as early as 2016, Tritex NDT has been at the forefront of developing this groundbreaking technology. Despite initial challenges and a gradual adoption rate, Tritex NDT remains the sole manufacturer offering a specialized drone mountable thickness gauge in their product lineup.

Jon Sharland, Sales Director at Tritex NDT says, "The utilization of drones for Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM) has gained widespread acceptance, largely attributed to the effectiveness of the Multigauge 6000. This innovative solution has garnered repeat orders from numerous satisfied customers, due to its excellent performance with features like multiple echo technology and single crystal probes. We take pride in our pioneering role since 2016 and our establishment of the Multigauge 6000 as the industry standard for drone-mounted thickness gauge technology. The Multigauge 6000 offers the optimal solution for high-level measurements with its proven track record demonstrating significant savings in time, costs, and enhanced safety compared to traditional methods like rope access or scaffolding."

The Multigauge 6000 seamlessly integrates with any drone capable of bearing its payload. Tritex NDT have also collaborated with Scout DI in Norway to engineer a specialized, professional confined space drone for UTM purposes. The Scout 137 UTM drone employs a tether, ensuring continuous operation without relying on battery life and its innovative probe holder uses a tilting mechanism to detach the magnetic head, ensuring drone stability.

Tritex multiple echo technology means coatings up to 6mm thick are completely ignored, whilst its single crystal probe is the perfect solution for corroded and curved surfaces. The Automatic Measurement Verification System (AMVS) ensures measurements are taken from the back wall only and the Intelligent Probe Recognition (IPR) guarantees optimal performance by pairing the gauge with a perfectly matched probe, whilst a probe membrane safeguards against damage.

The kit includes a versatile lightweight probe holder offering flexibility in all directions, alongside a ground station-controlled gel dispenser. The Communicator software enables operators to easily log measurements using grid or string templates.

All kits are supplied complete and benefit from Tritex NDT's standard three-year warranty and complimentary annual calibration for the lifespan of the gauge.

For further information please contact Mr Jon Sharland using the contact details below, or go to www.tritexndt.com.
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