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Technology Design Launch New Rack Mount FSRX II
By: Sandra Hibbert
Source: Technology Design Limited
Technology Design Limited has launched a new configuration of the FocusScan RX II in a rack mount enclosure for integration into a rack system.
Offering all the powerful features and functionality of the standard enclosure unit, the Rack Mount FSRX II includes TD Scan software with FMC/TFM, Powerful analysis and reporting functions, Up to 128/256PR phased array with four 64 element phased array connectors and sixteen conventional lemo connectors. It can also be connected to an external touch-screen monitor.
Rack Mount systems offer the flexibility of customising numerous ancillary instruments and accessories conveniently into one portable unit, supporting accessibility during on-site inspections.
The new system was launched at the 20th World Conference on Non-Destructive Testing and provided live zonal data using TDs Strip Scan AUT software.
The FocusScan RX II is available in various enclosure options including bare boards, standard enclosure, rack mount, and customised cases.
Learn more: https://technologydesign.com/product/rack-mount-fsrx-ii/
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