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ZEISS Software to be Bundled with Artec 3D Scanning
Source: Artec3D
World-renowned professional 3D scanning hardware and software developer Artec 3D has launched a far-reaching partnership with optics & optoelectronics leader ZEISS.

Together, the preeminent leaders in 3D data capture are bringing a suite of new metrology tools to the most advanced 3D scanning users. With a combined inspection solution, engineers will be able to take on more complex challenges in industrial, automotive, aerospace, and more.

Alongside ZEISS, Artec 3D is also continuing to expand its offering, in a way that drastically improves customersí experiences. Pairing ZEISS software and Artec Studio software allows users to fix deviations faster, automate, drive productivity, and set new standards in inspection.

Artec 3D CEO and President Art Yukhin is certain that the partnership will bring more opportunities to both sides. "Artec 3D is pleased to partner with ZEISS, a fellow leader in the industry; this will allow us to provide our advanced users with more options for complex tasks," he said. "We are excited to begin this cooperation, and to see what else we can accomplish."

To begin with, this partnership will focus on ZEISS INSPECT Optical 3D and ZEISS REVERSE ENGINEERING. Ideal for rapidly getting from scan-to-CAD and ensuring products meet standards, these software stalwarts are now available directly from Artec 3D, and customizable with the Airfoil and Tool Correction apps from ZEISS.

Zeiss partnership
Dr. Marc Wawerla, CEO of ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions, said: "We are excited to partner with Artec 3D to enable customers from all industries to benefit from our market-leading expertise in metrology software."

For further information about how ZEISS metrology software can enhance your Artec 3D scanning experience, contact marketing@artec3d.com Interested in acquiring a ZEISS software license? Reach out to sales@artec3d.com for more details.

About Artec 3D

Artec 3D is an international company, headquartered in Luxembourg, with offices in the United States (Santa Clara, California), China (Shanghai), Montenegro (Bar), and Japan (Tokyo). Artec 3D develops and produces innovative 3D scanners and software. Artec has a team of professional experts in the capture and processing of 3D surfaces as well as biometric facial recognition. Artec 3Dís products and services can be used in many industries, such as engineering, medicine, media and design, entertainment, fashion, heritage preservation, security technology, and more.


ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions is a leading manufacturer of multidimensional metrology solutions. These include coordinate measuring machines, optical and multisensor systems, microscopy systems for industrial quality assurance as well as metrology software for the automotive, aircraft, mechanical engineering, plastics and medical technology industries. Innovative technologies such as 3D X-ray metrology for quality inspection round off the portfolio. The company is headquartered in Oberkochen. Production and development sites outside Germany are located in Minneapolis in the USA, Shanghai (China) and Bangalore (India). ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions is part of the Industrial Quality & Research segment.
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