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The Aerial Advantage: New Confined Space Inspection Drone is Available at Fiberscope.net
By: Terry Peristerakis
Source: Fiberscope.net by MEDIT
Drones or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have entered many industries recently. It is not an exaggeration to say that drones have revolutionized certain areas of our life. The industrial inspection business was not left behind, and the enhanced model of the Skycopter Cobra inspection drone is tangible proof of this.

The Skycopter inspection drone consists of a quadcopter encircled by an ultra-light yet durable protective cage and equipped with a camera, an intuitive remote control, first-person view goggles, and a ground station with a display. The unit comes in a hardshell travel carrying case and stands out due to its cost-effectiveness and impressive versatility.

The new drone modification offers a 14-minute flight time on a single charge. The Smart Battery System consists of four LiPo batteries and a 2-channel professional charger, which helps expand the operation time practically without limits. The improved 1080p Full HD camera provides a crisp, clear, and bright image. The findings of an inspection can be recorded onto an SD card and a remote DVR. Illumination has also significantly improved compared to the previous model, and the total lighting output now equals 12,000 Lumens.

The ground station includes a 7" integrated ruggedized monitor, an integrated digital FPV VTX receiver, and a UAV antenna array. The FPV goggles boast 1280 x 960 OLED panels, adjustable focus, selectable image ratio, and other enhancements. The inspection can be viewed using either goggles or a tablet. In addition, the drone can carry up to 250g (0.55 lb.) of customizable payload, for example, a radiation detector or a thermal camera.

The above features distinguish the upgraded Skycopter Cobra drone from other similar devices. Manufactured by a NASA contractor, this drone has all the characteristics necessary to perform inspections at a professional level. This confined space inspection drone may also replace zoom cameras and pipe crawlers in various inspection scenarios. It is particularly suitable for inspecting areas dangerous for a person to enter physically, keeping the worker away from the many confined space hazards. Application examples include, but aren't limited to, structural integrity assessment, inspection of tanks, mines, large-diameter pipelines, culverts, and manholes.
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