ASNT Level 3 RT (Digital x-ray)
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Country: United Kingdom
I am willing to Travel.
Currently working but always looking.
I am willing to work overseas.
I prefer permanent jobs.
April 2008 Certification by A.S.N.T. to
Level 3 (Radiographic Testing)
February 2009 Certification in accordance with EN1479
Level 3 (Radiographic Testing) (Castings)
April 2003 Certification by A.S.N.T. to
Level 3 (Radiographic Testing)

Certification by Martin-Baker A/C Co. Ltd. in accordance
with Q.A.I No. 54 "Radiographic Inspection, Training,
Qualification and Certification" Procedure. Meeting Level 2
A.S.N.T. (Radiographic) requirements.

1967 1969 St Ignatius College, Enfield, North London.
1969 - 1974 Peers School, Oxford.

1996 - Open University. Attaining 3 credits
toward 6 credit degree course, including Technology, Maths and
Programming and Programming Languages.

October/November 2002 Abingdon College, Abingdon, Oxon. OCR
Level 2 certificate for IT users, attained both Spreadsheets
and Databases units.
Training courses include Kodak M.E.C. Industrial Radiography
(36 Hours) April 1989
Kodak M.E.C. Industrial Radiography Inspection (Refresher)
7th to 11th May 1990
Buechler Kraut-Kramer A.S.N.T. Level 2 Radiography 15th to
19th July 1996
South West School of N.D.T. Radiographic Inspection
(Refresher) 25th to 28th March 2002
South West School of N.D.T. L.P.I to Level 2 13/05/02 to
South West School of N.D.T. M.T to Level 2 20/05/02 to
South West School of N.D.T. E.T. to Level 1 12/08/02 to
South West School of N.D.T. U.T. to Level 1 16/09/02 to
South West School of N.D.T. N.D.T. Other Methods 05/02/03
to 07/02/03
South West School of N.D.T. R.T. to Level 3 17/03/03 to
South West School of N.D.T. R.T. to Level 3 -/03/08 to -
South West School of N.D.T. R.P.S. Training 3 Days 12/09
South West School of N.D.T. R.T. to Level 3 (EN
4179)05/01/09 to 07/01/09

My name is Tony I am 53, married with two kids, and I live
in Abingdon, Oxfordshire
I have been working in radiography for some 20 years and
have been an A.S.N.T. Level 3 since April 2003.
Since April 2008 I have worked for Doncasters Ltd in South
Wales where I am responsible for the digital x-ray
operations in a new 20,000,000 facility. I joined this
project before building work had started and have put in a
lot of work to get the project running. We are inpecting
castings using fully automated processes including 2 450 kV
cabinet x-ray systems and a 6 MeV Linear accelerator with
Flat Panel Detectors alongside robotics and conveyor
systems. For 25 years prior to this I worked for Martin-
Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire and was
responsible for radiography on 2 sites utilizing 4 level 2
radiographers and a trainee. Martin-Baker manufactures
aircraft escape systems and we primarily x-rayed the
explosive components. To this end we had 2 conventional x-
ray labs and a cabinet based Yxlon flat panel Digital X-
ray system, which I was instrumental in purchasing. The
conventional labs also utilise Fuji Film CR systems. Our
largest customer was the U.S. Navy.