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Thirty years experience In Construction Management, Welding Engineering, Supervision, and Quality Control
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Thirty years experience In Construction Management, Welding Engineering, Supervision, and Quality Control. Skilled in code interpretation, rules and regulations. Experience in the environment of plant construction and inspection, being a technical individual.


Piping Mechanical Inspector (11/01 to Present)
Othon Consultants (Airport Construction Management Team)
Houston, Texas

Working at Bush IAH Airport as a Piping Mechanical Inspector representing the City Of Houston on major construction projects. Overseeing General Contractor and Subcontractors work being performed daily. Inspect pipe fabrication, pipe fit-ups and final welds. Performed inspections on Boilers, Chillers, Chill Water, Hot Water, Air Handling Units, and Steam Piping systems. Performed In-process surveillance of all welding activities. Reviewed Construction Drawings, Specifications, Code Requirements, Job Scope, Welding Procedures, and Welder Qualification Records. Performed interpretation of Radiographs for final acceptance for all contractors, and coordinate NDE work activities. Interfaced with the City Of Houston Supervision, Engineers, and Construction Management Team on quality related issues. Witness all Hydrostatic testing being performed. Generate nonconformance reports as required.

Project Quality Engineer (4/00 to 11/01)
Washington Group International
Houston, Texas

Representing Quality Control for Lyondell/Equistar Capital project group, for the new Interconnecting Project. This scope of work includes a new 20”, and 18” P91 (9% Chrome) heavy wall piping, which connects to Reliant Energy Cogen plant. This will replace exiting boilers in the Equistar Plant. Responsible for reviewing and approving Contractors site Procedures, Quality Control procedures, Welding Procedures, NDE, Heat treatment, BHN, and Interpretation of Radiographs. Ensuring all construction work activities is in accordance with Equistar/ Lyondell Engineering Standards, and Code requirements. Performed in process surveillance on civil, structure steel, welding, tanks, piping, mechanical, coatings, and insulation. Visit off site vendor shops to ensure all purchase orders are complied with. Monitored P91 Pipe Welding, Preheat, PWHT, and BHN.

Quality Control Manager (5/98 to 3/00)
Parsons Construction Management Services
Houston, Texas

Responsible for the inspection and testing program for the new construction project at Bayport Arco Chemical Plant.
Prepare and review the Quality inspection test plans is in accordance with Company Standards, Arco Engineering Standards, and Code requirements. Review and approve Company, Subcontractors Quality/Construction procedures, Welding Procedures, Welder Qualifications, and Nondestructive test procedures. Interface between Company and Arco management team, inspection department on code compliance, nonconforming items, testing requirements, quality control/ construction procedures, etc. Directing the activities of Q.C. Inspectors assigned to the project in performance of job assignments and duties. Performed inspections on civil, structural steel, piping systems, equipment, instrumentation, vessels, tanks, and coatings.

Sr. Quality Control Inspector (5/96 to 5/98)
Lindinger Inspection Engineering Company
Exxon Mobil Chemical-Refinery Company, Baytown, Texas

Representing Exxon Inspection for the Capital Projects group. Monitoring activities of Contractors to ensure all codes, specifications, and Exxon engineering standards are complied by. Perform inspections on piping systems, pressure vessels, equipment, civil, structural steel, instrumentation, electrical, coatings, welding and insulation. Review Radiographs, and NDE reports, Welding Procedures, Welder Qualifications, and QA-QC Procedures. Interface between Exxon-Contractors Supervision, QC Inspectors, and Engineering. Performed Inspections on plant turnarounds as required.
Quality Control Manager (4/89 to 5/96)
Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.
Exxon Mobil Chemical Company, Baytown, Texas

Responsible for the development and implementation of company inspections and testing program for maintenance/capital projects. Formulate and administer the Quality Control requirements in accordance with Exxon’s engineering standards, Client request, Code requirements, and the field Quality Control program. Interfaced with Exxon’s QA-QC on code clarification and interpretation. Activities included daily interface with client contacts, ensure code compliance, maintain a record keeping system, evaluate non conforming items, provide correction action, and interpret NDE results. Participate in meeting relative to contracts, proposals, site quality problems, audits, schedules, and estimates, testing and coordinate with appropriate personal. Perform inspections on pressure vessels, tanks, piping systems, equipment, structural steel, welding, concrete, and coatings.

Piping-Mechanical Inspector (8/88 to 4/89)
Mobay Chemical Corporation – Capital Projects Group
Baytown, Texas

Verify that all required examinations and testing has been completed. Inspect the piping and equipment to the extent necessary to be satisfied that it conforms to all applicable examination requirements of the code and of the engineering design is meet. This includes manufacture, fabrication, heat treatment, assembly, erection, visual weld inspection, and examination by NDE and testing of the piping by hydrostatic or pneumatic testing methods. Reviewed Radiographs and NDE reports. Performed all inspections on the new WasteWater Treatment Plant.

Lead Welding Specialist (2/84 to 4/88)
Ebasco Services Inc., South Texas Nuclear Plants
Bay City, Texas

Responsible for construction welding program. Monitor welding activities to ensure compliance with all codes, and procedures are utilized. Perform in-progress verification of welding activities, welder’s technique and performance. Document and perform visual weld inspections. Provided technical guidance to welders, craft supervisors, and engineering. Interfaced between Company and Client’s quality control for resolution of welding and code related problems. Review design drawings, construction traveler work packages, evaluate and prepare weld and base metal documentation for engineering.

Welding Engineer Supervisor – Q.C. Inspector (9/82 to 2/84)
Pullman Sheetmetal Works, Inc., Marble Hill Nuclear Plants
New Washington, Indiana

Developed and approved welding, construction and quality control procedures. Certified welders to ASME 1X and AWS D1. I code. Provided technical guidance to welders, craft supervisors, engineering, and quality control inspectors. Interfaced with the Client’s quality control department, and engineering department on code clarification and interpretation. Inspected and documented welding in fabrication shops and field. Reviewed Radiographs, and performed MT, PT examinations.

Welding Specialist Supervisor (3/81 to 8/82)
Ebasco Services Inc., Satsop Nuclear Plants
Elma, Washington

Responsible for monitoring contractor’s welding program. Perform in-process surveillance of welder qualifications, welding inspections in field and fabrication shops. Reviewed welding procedures, and construction-quality procedures. Provided technical guidance to welders, craft supervisors, engineers, and quality control inspectors on code requirements and job specifications. Made trips to off-site vendor shops for resolution of fabrication and welding related problems. Reviewed radiographs and NDE reports.

Quality Assurance Engineer – Welding Specialist (11/78 to 2/81)
University Mechanical Engineering and Contractors, Hanford Nuclear Plants
Richland, Washington

Responsible for the development and implementation of construction welding program. Developed and approved welding, construction and quality control procedures. Certified welder to ASME IX and AWS D1.1 codes. Trained quality control inspectors, and craftsman to quality control-construction procedures, welding procedures and code requirements. Performed in-process surveillance of welding in field and fabrication shops, welder qualifications, technique and performance. Documented and performed visual weld inspections. Performed vendor surveillance audits, and approved vendor companies for job. Interfaced with the Client’s welding engineers and quality control inspectors on code clarification and interpretation.
Welding Engineer (12/76 to 11/78)
Bechtel Power Corporation, Songs Nuclear Plants
San Clemente, California

Inspected and monitored welding of craft welders on pressure vessels, tanks, piping, mechanical, hvac, electrical, and structural steel. Ensured welding was performed to the applicable codes, job specification and company standards. Provided technical direction to welders, craft supervisors, engineers and quality control inspectors. Document and performed final weld inspections on all safety related systems. Interfaced between Company and Client on resolution of welding related problems.

Quality Control Welding Inspector (7/75 to 12/76)
Pullman Kellogg Company, Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plants
Avila Beach, California

Responsible for the inspection and documentation of welding on safety related class I, II piping systems, and seismic-thermal pipe supports. Inspected pipe fit-ups, final welds, pipe stanchions and supports. Performed walk down finals on piping systems to ensure that all valves, pipe components and pipe welds were in accordance to the isometric drawings. Conducted in-process surveillance audits of welding being performed, verified welder qualifications and technique, and filler metal control. Witnessed hydrostatic and pneumatic testing.


Allan Hancock College, Santa Maria, California
Welding Technology
Glen A. Wilson High School, Hacienda Heights, California


Certified Welding Inspector – Certificate No. 95090401
Member – American Welding Society

Total Quality Management Course
Certified Level II – Radiography, Magnetic Particle, Liquid Penetrant
Radiation Safety Training Course for Alloy Analyzers
Industrial Radiography Field Inspection Course
Industrial Radiography Film Interpretation Course
Supervisor’s Safety Seminar

TT-4 Practical Nuclear Power Plant Technology
TT-1 Basic Steam Generating Technology
COR-10 Supervisory Management
Power Plant Construction

Welding Engineering Training Program
ASME Code Applications
Welding Procedures
Welding Inspections Technology
Nondestructive Examinations

Certified Level II (ANSI N45.2.6) Welding Inspector

Certified Level II (ANSI N45.2.6) Welding, Visual, Dimensional
Windows 98, 2000, XP Professional