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State: SC South Carolina
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
Currently working but always looking.
I am willing to work overseas.
AWS C.W.I. - # 04100451
Valid Passport
The following below are welding processes and that I have performed to code level.
In all of these procedures, all of the work was done to industry test standards.

E6010 5p+ downhill 100%, E6010 5p+ R/F E7010 Cap downhill, E7010 HYP 100% downhill, E6010 5p+ uphill E7018 LH out, E7018 LH 100% w/ backing ring, GTAW R/F E7018 LH out/ GTAW R/F FCAW out, GTAW R/F Sub Arc out, GTAW 100%, GMAW R/F E7018 LH out, GMAW R/F FCAW out, GMAW 100%, GMAW 309 stainless to carbon, OAW 100%, GTAW 100%- 308, 316, Cu Ni, Monel, Inconel, Chrome Alloy, Ni, FCAW 316L.

Orbital Qualified; FDA grade pharmaceutical piping

Qualified Underwater Welder AWS 3.6M-99 5F, 6G All Position 2”-12” pipe. Effective Date 12/12/02

Level I and Level II Dye Penetrate and Magnetic Particle Inspection trained, [Mandatory field time required].

Working knowledge of the following pieces of heavy machinery:
Hydraulic crane, Bobcat, Backhoe, Track hoe, Front-End Loader, Dozers, Forklifts, JLG lifts, Brush Cat, M113 APC.

Commercial Diver –ADC card #7101
U/W Cutting, Hydraulic tools.
Decontamination procedures for sewage lines

7/ 04-8/ 04 Hobart Institute of Welding Technology Troy, Ohio
AWS CWI Prep Course and Exam
ASNT Level I & II Dye Penetrate & Magnetic Particle Inspection training

2-13-12/02 AWS 3.6M-99 Certification Class B Qualification {UW/SMAW}
Stroud Diving/MESCO—Commercial Diving School-Jacksonville, Florida

1998-1999 Gulf Coast Commercial Diving Academy- Orange Beach, Al
Commercial Diving Diploma, Underwater Welding

1993-1994 Central Piedmont Community College- Charlotte, NC
Welding and Metallurgy, no degree earned

1987-1990 Myers Park Sr. High School-Charlotte, NC
High School Diploma
10/04-Now Professional Service Industries Inc. (PSI), Cross, South Carolina
Currently working as 3rd party Quality Assurance as a CWI and structural bolt inspector
At Cross Power Generating Station Unit 3 and 4 construction project .Coal fired power
Plant 655 Megawatt.

9/04-10/04 Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Troy, Ohio

7/04-8/04 Hobart Institute of Welding Technology, Troy, Ohio
AWS CWI Prep Course
ASNT Level I & II Dye Penetrate & Magnetic Particle Inspection

4/04-6/04 Jacob’s Applied Technologies, Goose Creek, South Carolina
Worked as a Structural Welder performing Modular Construction.
AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code

1/04-4/04 Trident Technical College Berkley Campus
I was a student in the aircraft mechanics program; I left due to financial problems.

7/03- 8/03 Martin’s Welding and Fabrication
Worked as a Structural welder doing site work
AWS D1.1 Structural Steel Code

2/03-7/03 Jacobs Applied Technologies- Goose Creek, SC
Code Pipe Welder for process piping and modular construction. Certified Orbital Welder for
FDA Pharmaceutical piping systems.

2/02-2/03 Worked as a freelance commercial diver; underwater welding and general construction diving
AWS 3.6-99 under water structural steel code

8/02-12/02 Artic Group Contractors- Charlotte, NC
Worked as a code brazier and welder.

3/02-8/02 Jacobs Applied Technologies- Goose Creek, SC
Code welder modular construction, B31.1 welding code
Pipe & Structural Welder. X-Ray work done by percentile

1/02-3/02 Patch Construction- Charleston, SC
Worked as a pipe and structural welder on boiler shut- down.

8/01-1/02 Cape Romain Contractors- Charleston, SC
Worked as a welder and as a commercial diver.

11/00-7/01 Dentyen’s Shipyard- Charleston, SC
Pipe welder ABS and USN certifications held here.

7/00-11/00 Hydro Corp Underwater Construction, Charleston SC
Worked as a diver/ diver tender- welder while employed here
Hydro-Electric Dam work

1/00-7/00 Knight’s Piping and Welding Service, Inc.-Summerville, SC
Pipe welder: stainless steel, CuNi, black iron, and jacket piping

8/99-1/00. Salmon’s Dredging, Charleston, SC
Worked as a Commercial Diver and as a welder while employed here, extensive black water, zero- viz work
Most dives were penetration dives up to 220’ in sewage shafts, using in water tenders at tunnel entrance.
Haz-Mat, Decontamination procedures utilized here, hot water work, and some salvage work took place as

7/97-7/99 Houma Industries- Harvey, Louisiana
Offshore welder on oil platform construction jobs.
. Worked Bullwinkle Expansion Project for Shell, Nabors 269 for Ocean Energy,
Project Gemini for Texaco and Chevron.
I also did routine maintenance on oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.
The code standard was B31.3 100% X Ray on most Jobs

2/96-7/97 Industrial Piping, Inc. - Pineville, NC
Code pipe and vessel fabrication and modular construction for Praxair and BOC.
B31.1 welding code either 100% or percentile coverage X-Ray

1/95-2/96 Bradford Brother’s Pipeline and Station Contractors- Huntersville, NC
Worked as a tank and Station welder, in the pipeline industry.

1/94-1/95 CTR of Charlotte- Charlotte, NC
Cryogenic tank repair welder/ brazier. Extensive work on Liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon and Hydrogen
Vessels. Cryogenic codes were enforced with helium tests to absolute pull down of no less than 4 microns
Testing range was 4-0 Microns.

93-94 Allison Brothers Race Cars- Salisbury, NC
Worked as a shop hand, parts fabricator and welder on legends racing cars.
Part- Time

Twin States Trucking Inc. - Charlotte, NC
Worked as a Welder in truck chassis fabrication and modification
Part- Time

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