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Country: Malaysia
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-Qualified in Welding Inspector (CSWIP 3.1) V Ref.No7759 V valid until 28/08/2007
-Qualified in Visual Welding Inspector (CSWIP 3.0) V Ref.No.5956.

Additional Qualifications:
- Knowledgeable on ANSI & ASME / Client Specification.
- Microsoft Windows Office

Registered and course attended

Hydrogen Sulphide Competency Cource (H2S)
NIOSH (NPSP) - Safety Passport.
Coating Inspection (IMM)
PCSB Applicants (PTW)
MSTS ( for Refresher ) V Offshore Safety Passport (SHELL) V valid until 27/05/2008 SEQU VOffshore Safety Passport (PCSB) - valid until 16/07/2006
Technology Welding Inspector (TWI) course attended for Radiographic Interpretation Level II Registered in Welding Inspector (Ref.No.2286).
Registered in Welding and Joining Society (WJS) - Ref. No: 516640
Technology Welding Inspection (TWI) course attended for Welding Inspector Steel
Educational Attainment:
-Workers Institute Technology (WIT) certified Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (part time)
-S.A.M.T Tengku Ampuan Jemaah Seksyen 11.Shah Alam V (S.T.P.M) -S.A.M Hisamudin Jalan Tepi Sungai Klang Sel. V (S.P.M)
Employment History:

I. Inclusive Dates: 24th Dec. 2005 up to 20 Jan.2005 ( Completed )
Company: PBJV Group Sdn.Bhd. ( 524536-A.)
Lot No.23 Jalan Badminton 13/29,Seksyen 13 40100 Shah Alam,Selangor.

Position:QC Inspector

16dia.MCOT TO BAP-AA Shore Approach Pipeline.

Duties & Responsibilities:

X Inspected Fit-up and Performed Visual Inspection.
X Verifed Pipelines as per Pipe Tally Sheet.
X Monitor Welding Works as per WPS approved
X Arranged NDT as per Client Spec. and Reviewed radiography film.
X Prepared and Fill-up QC documentation.
X Varified Surplus Pipes.

II. Inclusive Dates: March. 2005 up to 30 Sept.2005 ( Completed F-23 Ph.1 )
Unit 7,Level 3,Soon Hup Tower,Jalan Maju,9800 Miri Sarawak Malaysia.

Position:Welding inspector

Seconded to PETRA RESOURSES SDN.BHD. Fabrication, Maintenance,Hook V Up,Commissioning and Construction Services. (Project involved SJJT-H and F-23 Rejuvenation Phase 1).

Duties & Responsibilities:

X Reviewed applicable joint and related WPS before project started.
X Performed Offshore site inspections on all assigned Structural/Piping.
X Arranged for NDT and reviewed radiography film.
X Performed and Prepared Red Line Marking and Line Check.
X Witnessed Hydro test and Reinstatement Test
X Set-up and Prepared final QA/QC documentation as per Client Requirement.

02 Sept. V 16 Sept. 2005 V Involved Shut Down for F-23 Platform Rejuvenation Phase 1.

III. Inclusive Dates: Sept. 2004 up to Dec. 2005
Level 8, Sapura @ mines, 7 Jalan Tasik, The Mines Resort City, 43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor.

Position:QC Inspector

Installation Platform Irong Barat-C, Guntong V F and Riser Spools.

Duties & Responsibilities:

X Inspected and Witness fit V up and visual monitor welding works especially Jacket Piles, Verify DDS for conductor, materials for pipe line riser, witness hydro test and witness NDT activity.

IV. Inclusive Dates: Aug.2003 up Aug.2004
Suite B, Wisma FAME, 137A Jalan Sri Hartamas 2, Taman Sri Hartamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Position:QA/QC Piping Inspector

Seconded to VASTALUX SDN.BHD Fabrication for Hook-Up & Commissioning and Maintenance Project (Project involved Angsi Upgrading Phase III, Penara Lukut and Baram ).

Duties & Responsibilities:

X Verified location for Tie- in Point, performed duty inspection for welding activity, performed Line Check, arrangement for NDT and reviewed radiography film.
X Witnessed hydro test, performed re V instatement leak test. Carried - out red line marking for modification line.
X Prepared QA/QC documentation and submitted to Client. Liased with Client.
X Witnessed Blasting and Painting and Carried V out and monitored Inspection for punch list.

09 Sept. V 18 Sept. 2003 V Involved Major Shut Down for Hook V Up and Commissioning ANGSI PHASE III Project.

V. Inclusive Dates: May 1998 up to July 15.2003
Fabrication Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Piping, Structure and specialist Air V cooled Heat Exchanger Manufacturer (ACHE).
Lot.1, Jalan Zurah 5a /1 Pusat Perindustrian Zurah, Mukim Rasa, Selangor.

Position: QA/QC Supervisor

Duties & Responsibilities:
X Monitored and performed qualities activities.
X Assist technical problem on fabrication.
X Prepared equipment tool for one-process activities.
X Planned inspection test plan (ITP), inspection Check List (ICL). Conducted WPS and PQR, Witness mechanical testing.
X Arranged NDT as per code and reviewed the radiography film.
X Liased with 3rd Party, Client Inspector and DOSH. Arranged equipment and witnessed point for curtain activities such as Leak Testing, Hydro-Testing, Flushing, PWHT, Annealing and Normalizing. Arranged QC equipment for calibration.
X Witness Blasting and Painting in Yard. Monitored issues of punch list and packing. Major involved in erection of structures, set-up balancing of Belt and Motor.
X Installed and adjusted of Blades Angle.
X Checked the airflow, noise test, vibration test and dismantled of structures.
X Prepared and compiles of all manufacturing data report (MDR).

X 4 (ACHE) Headers of Sop Desalted Trim Water Cooler, 2 Bundles, 2 Units for Exxon Mobile Chemical Operation Plc. (Material used SA 516 GR.70N, 36).
X 40(ACHE) Headers of Drier Cooler, HHPS Vapour Condenser, 17 Bundles, 8 Units and 5 Bays for Shell Gee long HDS2 Project for CBI Constructions. (Material used SA 516 GR. 65N, 36).
X 16(ACHE) Headers of Natural Draft Wellhead Cooler, 8 Bundles and 4 Units for Clough Engineering Limited. (Material used SA 240 UNS S31803, 36).
X 8(ACHE) Headers of Lube Oil Cooler, Compressor Section and Discharge Cooler, 5 Bundles, 3 Units for Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd. (Material used SA 240 UNS S31803, 316L, 36).
X One unit of VESSEL (Vertical) V Inter stage Gas Scrubber for Sarawak Shell, KNDP - A, U V STAMP. (Material used SA 240 316L, SA 516 GR70).
X 8(ACHE) Headers of Natural Draft Wellhead Cooler for OMV Kadanwari Gas Processing Plant, U V STAMP. (Material used SA 240 UNS S31803).
X 2(ACHE) Headers of Lube Oil Cooler, 1 Bundle, 1 Unit for Sarawak Shell, KNDP V A, U V STAMP. (Material used SA 240 316L).
X 6(ACHE) Headers of Lap and Gas Cooler, 6 Bundles, 2 Units for Yetagun Development PH 2 / Premier Petroleum. (Material used SA 240 316L, 516 GR.70N, 36).
X 1(ACHE) Unit Replacement of Heat Exchanger Excess Water Evaporator services for Petronas Penapisan Melaka Sdn. Bhd. (Material used SA 336 V F 304, 213 V TP 304).
X 2 (ACHE) Headers of Condensate Tower Condenser and 1 Bundle for Petronas Penapisan Melaka Sdn. Bhd. (Material used SA 516 GR.70N).
X 1 Packages of DUCTING for Air Inlet Tourus Turbine Accessory Equipment services for Sarawak Shell Berhad. (Material used SA 240 316L).
X 12 (ACHE) Headers of Overhead Condenser, Product Oil Cooler, Naphta Rundown Cooler for Kufpec Seram Project. (Material used SA 516 GR.70N).
X 6 (ACHE) Headers of Lube Oil Cooler, 3 Bundles and 3 Units completed with Piping for Helang Central Platform - Generator Package. (Material used SA 240 316L, 36).
X 3 Units of Rundown TANK for Petronas Carigali Sdn. Bhd V Resak Development Project. (Material used SA 240 316L).
X 4 (ACHE) Headers Gas Cooler, 2 Bundles and 2 Units for Iran Offshore Project. U V STAMP. (Material used SA 240 316L).
X 1 Unit of Heat Exchanger(HE) for Scrubber Water Cooler V U Bend Tube Bundle for Petronas Fertilizer Kedah Sdn. Bhd. (Material used SA 516 GR70N, 179).
X 8 (ACHE) Headers of First and Second Stage Discharge Cooler, 8 Bundles and 4 Units for Sarawak Shell Berhad. (Material used SA 240 316L, 516 GR.70N, 36)
X 9 Units of STRUCTURE for Penang Shipbuilding and Construction for Resak Project.
X 16(ACHE) Headers of Solvent Condenser, Dtq Exchanger and Paratherm Cooler 16 Bundles and 5 Units for Dow Terneuzen Project. (Material used SA 516 GR.70N, 36).
X 3 (ACHE) Bundles and 1 Unit for Bp Exploration Nam Con Son Gas Project. (Material used SA 36).
X 6 (ACHE) Headers of Cooling Water Module for Agl Power Generations Victoria Pty Ltd, Somerton Power Station. (Material used SA 516 GR.70N).
X 4 (ACHE) Headers of Meg Overhead Condenser for Esso Australia Pty.Ltd V Long Ford Gas Plant (Material used SA 516 GR.70).
X 8 (ACHE) Headers of Lean Amine Cooler for Unocal Indonesia Company V Balik Papan Indonesia (Material used SA 240 304L).
X 2 (ACHE) Headers of Gasoline Cooler, 1 Bundle and 1 unit for Lumlukka Terminal V Vru Project. (Material used SA 516 GR.70).
X 3 Units Replacement Heat Exchanger(HE) No.1 Hp H2 Compr. 2nd Intercooler, C3/C4 Splitter Bottom Cooler and Overhead Condenser, services for Petronas Penapisan Melaka Sdn.Bhd. (Material used SA 350 LF2, 516 GR.60, 334-6, 179, 36).
Offshore and Onshore
Nov.1999 V Shut down V Repaired Plugholes (ACHE) at Guntong Platform.
0ct. 2000 V Repaired Tubes (ACHE) at Semarang Platform
Dec.2000 V Repaired Tubes (HE) at Petronas Penapisan Melaka Sdn.Bhd.
Sept.2001 V Shut down - Scope of work adjusted Clevis Blades Angle and Recorded Ampere before and after testing.

VI. Inclusive Dates :July1997 up to Dec.1998
Fabrication Waste Treatment Plant, Palm Oil Mills, Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Industrial Services.No.65, Persiaran Selangor, 40000 Shah Alam Selangor Darul Ehsan


Duties & Responsibilities:
X Major Involved in inspection for Blasting and Painting activities.
X Assist technical problem on fabrication. Monitored the project as schedules.
X Conducted WPQ. Performed inspection such as verify material incoming especially certification and quality, visual and dimensional inspection before and after welding.
X Monitored of handling, storage and control of welding consumables.
X Performed Dye Penetration Test (PT). Witnessed Hydro test, Holiday test.
X Prepared inspection report for clarity and completeness.

IV. Inclusive Dates: Dec. 1995 up to 1997
Fabrication Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Structures, Piping and Tank. Lot 1, Jln Halba, 16/16, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Duties and Responsibilities:
X Major Involved in inspection on fabrication such as dimensional marking, cutting, opening, fit up before and after welding, consumables used. Performed Dye Penetration Test (PT), Brinell Testing for hardness test after Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT).
X Reviewed radiography film. Performed inspection of tubes after expands and plate (dish head) after cold forming for thickness verify.
X Witness Hydro- Test. Prepared documentation (MDR) and compiles.

X 10 Units of Pressure Vessel and Tank for Sumitomo Heavy Ind.Project.
X 02 Units of Tank for Kinetic Technologies International Sdn. Bhd.
X 15 Units of Pressure Vessel for Chiyoda Pty. Ltd V PSR 2 Melaka.
X 08 Units of Heat Exchanger(HE) for Chiyoda Pty.Ltd V PSR 2 Melaka.
X 01 Unit of Heat Exchanger(HE) for Petronas Methanol Labuan.
Work Experience:
Ten(10) years work experience as a Inspector involving in Installation Platform,Offshore Pipeline, Hook-up and Commissioning and Maintenance Project, Offshore Shut Down Project, Fabrication Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger ,Repair and Maintenance,Piping, Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Water Treatment Plant, Palm Oil Mills.