USMC veteran NDT, RSO
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State: IN Indiana
Country: United States
I am willing to Travel.
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Ian C. Baunach 812-406-8260
436 W. Howard Ave. Clarksville, IN 47129
Professional Skills
Hard working and career oriented individual seeking to become an integral and crucial part of an inspection team with an opportunity for advancement. Extensive knowledge in:

Hydraulic Systems
Hazardous Materials
Airframe Structures
Corrosion Control
Radiation Safety Program
Maintenance Supervision
Composite Materials
Excellent Leadership
Quick Learner

Military Work Experience (Given Honorable Discharge on 08/2002)
United States Marine Corps Fort Worth, TX
NDI Technician 06/2000-07/2002
Performed inspections on aircraft, parts, and welds using a variety of methods
Proficient in radiography, ultrasonic testing, eddy current, magnetic particle and penetrant

United States Marine Corps Fort Worth, TX
Radiation Safety Officer 06/2000-07/2002
Administered numerous tasks involving the Radiation Safety Program including inspection and auditing

United States Marine Corps Fort Worth, TX
Airframe Structures Mechanic 04/1998-06/2000
Provided maintenance on aircraft using a wide variety of equipment, metals, and composite material

Military Professional Education
Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, VA
Radiation Safety Officer Course 06/2001

Naval Air Station Pensacola, FL
Nondestructive Inspection Technician Course 02/2000

Naval Air Station Cecil Field Jacksonville, FL
Advanced Composite Material Maintenance Course 06/1998

Naval Air Technical Training Center Pensacola, FL
Aviation Structural Mechanic Course 04/1998

Professional Education

University of Louisville
B.A. Psychology and Religious Studies

Available upon request