Welding Inspector / Piping/ Mechanical Inspector/QC Engineer
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ASNT Level-2 PT, MT, RT & UT

Welding Inspector AWS-CWI. (Certificate no. 05101941)

NACE Coating Inspector Level 2

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (DME)
1) Velosi LLC, Oman: From May 2009 to tii date:
PROJECs: Pipe line projects 18" CS - 40 KM Marmul to Nimr Gas line, Onshore Oil field facilities project - Nimr-C water Injection and Alburj projects. OGC Gas compressor staion facilities project. Cross country pipeline projects.
Review and approval of WPS, Method statements.
PQR qualification.
Welder qualification and approval.
Witness Mechanical testing.
Material Inspection and Review of MTC.
Witness fit-up and final inspection of CS, SS, LTCS, DSS Pipings and Cross country pipelins.
Inspection, monitor, supervise and witness during construction stages of Pipeline projects and Onshore Oil and gas filed facilities on behalf of PDO, Oman.
Monitor, witness during installation of equipments, Vessels, Pumps, Valves and Pipings and storage tanks.
Review of RT and witness of MT,PT and UT.
Liaise with contractors and Vendors.
Monitor and witness of hot tapping activities,
Pre hydro inspection of Piping systems and Pipelines (above ground and U/G)
Witness hydro test of Cross country pipelines and Onplot piping systems.
Final and box up inspection of test systems.
Reveiw of test packs and approval.
Storage tanks inspection
Leak test of storage tanks.

2)AQUATECH SYSTEMS ASIA (P) LTD. Oman: From Feb.2007 to Apr 2009 date. Working as a QC Inspector for their Vendors at UAE. and Project site in Oman:
Project: Water treatment project of Steam injection for OXY Oman.
1) Witness welder Qualification and PQR qualification test.
2) Monitoring day to day construction of Super duplex / Duplex Pressure
Vessels and Piping and Vendor shop and Oxy-Mukhaizna Site.
3) Carry out material inspection and fit-up inspection
4) Witnessing final Visual and dimensional inspection of Vessels and Piping
5) Review of Material test certificates.
7) Witnessing PT test
8) Review of Radiography films
9) Review of Test Packs
10) Witness the Hydrostatic test
11) Witness Rotary alignments of Pumps.
12) MEI inspection of Loops for MVC Trains and BOP and review Test packs.
13) Final inspection co-ordination with Oxy Inspectors.

3) BILFAL Heavy Industries Ltd, (Formerly: Belleli Saudi Heavy Industries), Saudi Arabia:
From Dec.2002 to Dec.2006: Worked as QC Engineer, Project Quality Co ordinator for Manufactuing Pressure Vessels, Heat exchangers, Tanks and Oil field Equipments. Preparation of ITP, Testing procedures, Reviewing RT films,Monitoring inspection activities, control and implement of Quality system at various stages during construction of Pressure Vessels, Heat exchangers etc. Control of QC/ welding/ and NDT inspectors during excution of projects. Excuted more Saudi Aramco and Sabic projects at Saudi Arabia. Coordination with Clients and AI, Third party Inspectors.


Worked as a Project Quality Coordinator for various Saudi Aramco and SABIC Projects at Saudi Arabia.
Monitor and control the Pool of QC, Welding, NDT and Painting Inspectors to Execute Various Saudi Aramco and SABIC Projects.
Preparation of Inspection & Test plan for Pressure Vessels, Columns and Heat exchangers in accordance with ASME Codes, Standards and Client Specifications.
Preparation of Testing Procedure according to Client's specification.
Inspection and Testing of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Columns.
Visual & Dimensional Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Columns and Heat Exchanger.
Welding inspection of Pressure vessels and Heat Exchangers.
Carried out Visual and welding inspection on pressure vessels.
Welding procedure qualification and welders qualification.
Co-ordination with Clients like Saudi Aramco, SABIC, Technip, Snamprogetti & Takreer.
Hydro static test of pressure vessels, columns and Heat exchangers.
Co ordination with Various client Inspectors and ASME Authorized Inspector.

3) Babcock Borsig Chennai Works Ltd. Chennai, India:
From Jan.1996 to Nov.2002: Worked as QA/QC senior Engineer. Involving shop floor inspection and witnessing NDT , reviewing RT films and preparing ITP for Manufacture of Power Boilers, Industrial Boilers, HRSG Modules, Industrial Fans.

4) Ignifluid Boilers India Ltd, Chennai, India:
From Jan.1995 to Dec.1995.: Worked as QC Engineer, involved in various stage and final inspection during boiler manufacturing.

5) Cethar Vessels Ltd, Trichy, India:
From Nov.1988 to Jan.1995: Worked as QC Inspector, Carried out inspection during construction of Industrial aand Waste heat recovery Boilers.
20 Year experience in QA/QC, Inspection, Testing of Industrial Boilers, Power Boilers, HRSG Modules, Industrial Fans, Pressure Vessels, tanks, Heat Exchangers and Various equipments for Oil and Gas fields.

Experience in Preparation of ITP, Testing procedures. Coordination with Clients and third party Inspectors.
Fit-ups, stage and final inspection during constrction of flow lines, cross country pipelines, On plot pipings, Tanks, Pressure Vessels.

Monitor, Supervise and inspection during construction and installation on Equipments, Pipings and pipelines.